Advice on acquiring the lost nationality!

Dear friends;
Asslamu Alaikum wrwb,

After living so long out of Pakistan I'd like to get some help from experts on this topic & they as might well be Government Officials from Immigration/consulate offices.
Living in New York area for more than four decades I am now in a position to retire. My first choice will be our beloved country. I tried to do, as they suggest, apply online for Nadra/Electronic new passport is not that easily done than said. I tried and failed. Their website is not at all user friendly. Is there a better way to accomplish just that?
I'd like to move if not on permanent basis but at least few months a year. I do not need to work for sustenance and will not be looking for job. Instead of getting visa I'd like to have the proper identification to travel back-n-forth without any hassles of going through visa obtaining formalities. To tell you the truth the consulate personnel is not at all friendly in helping out a "DESI" or ex Pakistani especially Urdu speaking.
Any suggestions in this regard will be helpful and appreciated. Jazak Allah!

It depends on what documents you have.

Do you have an old Pakistani passport or ID card?  did you ever have an electronic passport?

If not, your best option is to apply for a POC or "Pakistan Origin Card".  This will allow you get into Pakistan visa free, open bank accounts and so on.   This is meant for people who don't have Pakistani ID cards or passports e.g. people like yourself.  You can do it online or apply at the consulate.  Once you arrive in Pakistan, you can go about trying to get a proper CNIC and passport assuming you haven't renounced your citizenship.

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