Republica Dominicana is a 3 world country ?

I have seen and heard this term " Third world " written and used a lot about DR . A brief historical review of the word comes out of the cold war when a country alligned themselves with NATO or USSR. If not, the country was Third world. Nine years ago I would have agreeded with the venacular use but now I don't. I prefer to use " Developing ". Its mostly a rural counrtry and an agricultural society but the tourist industry is number 1. Now it has many airports , highways which make commerce and travel less combersome.  Still can't drink the water but the 911 system is going nationwide. Now there is a Metro in the south. I can't blame local people for hustling when they are working 6 days a week for a resort and gaining about 60 dollars a month.I know a lot of people prefer the old days and I am not trying to rob people of thier peaceful memories ( I have them myself ). Crime and curruption are universal which I will not address. If you keep calling a child stupid they will grow up thinking they are stupid. Nothing appears to stop tourists and ex pats from coming and contributing to the counrty's growth.The country is an asperant like me always trying to develope. Now I have 24 light in my town ( 2nd most expensive in the world ) . Its not perfect but it is developing and I perfer to use words that reflects reality not the standards that we left behind . Words matter. Developing does not egual perfect. Just a peception, one does not have to agree.

Good post with good points. This will be an interesting thread. Thank you.

Developing nation  is how we are classified now.

And good post, lots of good info!  Lets correct the wage issue though. No one works full time in a hotel now for  US 60 a month. Minimum wage is now above  US 200 a month. Its still not enough to live on but its better than it was! 

I have been here 14 1/2 years,  so much has changed in just that short time.  In some ways this country is ahead of many others!   Still lots to do,  for me education is the place to start.

They changed the term 'underdeveloped', to 'developing', in a PC effort not to hurt the self esteem of...........all those really underdeveloped countries out there.

Whatever the reason, developing nation is correct.

What is considered a living wage per month? What I mean to ask is, to live fairly comfortably.

For a local or for an expat?

The Average wage in this country is US 300 per month. IS that a living wage? Depends who you ask!

For an expat, sorry I didn’t specify. Thanks for your response.

For a working expat a living wage is going to be  1,500 to 2,000 US.

You can do it on less, however, no suv or big car, a scooter or small mto, not much dining out,( cook yourself, shop smart & save !50 to 200$Us a month. No gated compound or big house. A simple life can be very rewarding. You can explore using thee inexpensive public transportation. Yes, a good life can be had for less.

He asked what a "living wage" for an expat was here Tinker,  different issue.

Sorry, thought an example would help. Of course it depends on life stye required to be content.$1500 - $2000 is certainly adequate.

WE assume with "living wage" comes the need for transportation, food daily at work, plus payroll deductions, taxes  etc.   So a decent living wage is very different from what  a visitor or retiree will need honey.

and yes it is  adequate for most.

Tis a true & valid point. I believe he was asking about expats.  But as you are so aware of, that I oft=times make huge errors in my perception. If that is the case an apology in advance.

$1500 ?   Only if he doesnt ever date.


You might be correct if the guy is ugly, rude,kinky and has a really crappy attitude. Treating everyone with respect & a smile when negotiating in life is the key to open all kinds of doors.

What % iof ex pats have 2000.00 a month , just to your experience would will do , sin estrés.
John s

50-60%  most of them not full timers.  The ones who are here full time,  30-40%   Most of the gated & villa types have a great deal more. Quite a mix of incomes, but very few below $1200 or less.

Are you referring to expats who work here or retired folks? Two very different groups.

Retired ,middle 55 y/o , individuals

So that depends then on what part of the country. 

North Coast my guess is  1500 US per month
Punta Cana area my guess is closer to 2,500 per month.
Santo Domingo my guess is 1500 to 2,000 per month

Bingo , thats what i needed.
Thank you.


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