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Hi my name is Jason I’m starting looking in to making the move I’ve been  addicted to this site for weeks so much info it blows my mind. I’m looking at an early retirement as I start my new  adventur I see ppl on here say u can live like a local for 1000 us is that a reasonably place to sent my  monthly  coast at ? I don’t need much place to live, food and money to check things out. I don’t need high end place to live I don’t have it now don’t want to start. I just want to be realist about making this work . Tks

Welcome to the forums.  Living like a local will not take US 1,000. But its not likely you can actually live like a local.   A simple life  for US $1,000 is doable in many parts of the country!

Ok tks good info

I retired early, been here since Sep 2017 and $1,000 a month is a very comfortable life here.  No worries!

Amazing tks that’s good news

You are golden on a grand & platinum on$1500 & up. Welcome to the life in the sun. Let us know how it's going.

I will so we’re still Nova Scotia just getting as much info as I can before we make r move. This forum is amazing I reading about stuff that totally slipped my mind to think of tks all for the help I will  continuing to read. As of now we’re hoping to be down there checking things out looking for a place at end of April tks again

Awesome!  Keep reading and asking questions. we help whenever we can!

Tks this site has been a big help

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