Employment pass status "Pay"

Hello Malaysia Expats, pls can anyone advise me on what to do on this issue. My EP status showed approved on 1st Nov. 2017. 3weeks later on 21st Nov. 2017 my EP status started showing "Pay" and the employer told me that immigration has received my payment/passport and sticker will be printed in few days. Now we are in February 2018. My EP status still showing 'Pay' no sticker yet and the employer keep telling me there's delay in the process now in Malaysia.

Did you make a payment?
If this is a real EP, you should be outside Malaysia still?
Where did you send your passport?
Were you checking the status at an online database?

@Gravitas thanks for your kind concern. I have given a total of 18,000RM to the agent/employer and he said I will pay balance of 7,000RM balance when my passport is out from immigration. I always go to google and type EP11 visa status. I will put the application number provided to me by the agent/employer and it will show my name , my country, my passport number and my status. I think it's original immigration website because the time is showing. And to be be honest I didn't leave Malaysia from the begging of this process till now .

It's actually called DP10 and DP11 visas

If it's a Category II the salary will be 5000-9999 per month.

The immigration department do not process any immigration for people who are already in Malaysia.

But I have seen two Nigerians with Employment pass , they introduced me to the agent/employer and one is currently in Europe now for a visit and one went to Nigeria for Xmas and his back in Malaysia last week.

This is the immigration site: https://esd.imi.gov.my/portal/application-status/

Check and see

What type of job were you offered?

I can't check because I don't have the company registration number , the agent only provide me the application number .

Why don't you send me the link to where you are checking - I have an idea why there is a delay in the Stage II (sticker)

https://eservices.imi.gov.my/myimms/inq … odule=jkpd

i find it from google ; Inquiry of Expatriate (DP11) - MyIMMs - e-Services

pls what is the delay in stage 2 sticker

You need the company registration number for that check - I guess you are just a time waster

what job was u offered?

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