How to marry in egypt

Hello everyone I'm seeking an advice. I had an orfi before it was 7 yrs ago and we broke up already. Now I have a new love and we are planning a real marriage. It will not be affected by the orfi before?  I don't have any connection with my ex to deal with orfi paper. All I want is to settle what I have now my new love..

As i know it won't affect for the previous orfi marriage m because orfi called ( just ink on paper ) , my advice too , try to be sure that you really love her , or your new love !! .

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Someone pm me that he has a friend with this situation and after she got a real marriage the ex show up and the woman got in jail.. So I am confuse. Though the orfi supposed to be 2 copies but it's only 1 they give and it's with my ex. I tried to contact him to get the paper he said he tore it and I'm free but I don't believe him cause he didn't send any photos of what he did. Yet he is afraid that his family will know about the paper. What should I do?  I want to leave a peaceful life and I don't want any issue that will show up in the future when everything is settled. Pls help.

I guess orfi marriage is safe..

yes .. if he has a copy of orfi marriage , he can claim against you that you  combined 2 marriages ......... he said that he tore the paper , but who know if this really happen or not !!!!!
that is a well known problem of orfi marriages , among other many problems ......

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