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Just to update here, my company applied on 26 th march, then on 17th april, my company was informed that the job id mentioned was wrong. They withdrew. Applied again on 17th and today got approval.

Congratulations and thanks for the update!


Hello Everyone,this query is relevant to topic. I was applied for EP on 18 Jan 2020 and application is still in pending status and agent is yet reply on update. However, there is a query if recent virus spread has any impact in accepting expats. I'm an Indian.


The processing time for EP applications is usually 1 - 2 months.
It is not clear yet whether the current virus situation has any impact.


Hi everyone ,
My first employment pass got withdrawn and second employment pass was applied on Jan 15th 2020 but still status havent changed from withdrawn , what can be the issue?

Check with your employer if indeed it was applied.. new application takes couple of days before eponline update its record.

Yes employer saying it is applied ...but it is taking time to reflect in system due to multiple reasons like Chinese new year and now new impact Carona virus...is that something is the reason ?

These are stories made by your employer. CNY gone more than 20 days now. This virus didn’t attack EPOnline system. Looks like your employer didn’t apply.

Secondly, your message doesn’t say about who withdraw your application earlier and why? Now, who is applying? Is it the same employer or different employer?

Any application irrespective of any holiday, MoM takes a day or two before it shows the status in their system.

Different employer, for second EP got offer in Singapore hence I had withdrawn first EP.

Even I asked for FIN number with the new Employer he had replied for that it is taking time to get It from MOM but it is definitely in process they are saying..

Aince the FIN remains the same, you can also get it from your first employer.
But withdrawing an EP application is seen as bad by MoM, so this might have a negative impact on your current one.

My EP applied on 17/Feb
But I can’t check the status too, it shows “no record”
Anyway, seems like it also takes few more days to updated in the system to check? I’m waiting for that first!

Hellomynameis :

Mseems like it also takes few more days to updated in the system to check? I’m waiting for that first!

In the meantime, you are welcome to read related forum posts - it has all been discussed in detail!

Hi Beppi,

Thank you for ur response. I have got my EP approved today.

Applied on : 18 Jan 2020
Approved on : 20 Feb 2020


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