The jobs that are the most in-demand for expats in Malaysia


We invite you to share some information regarding the job market for expats in Malaysia. This information will be incredibly helpful to anyone considering moving there, so we're very grateful for your contribution.

What are the types of jobs that are easily accessible to expats in Malaysia?

What are the ones most in-demand for expats?

Which industry and/or jobs have limited workforce?

Are there any existing surveys, data, or reports done regarding this topic?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


With technology growing rapidly, more firms will use digital channels to boost revenue so they need IT specialists skilled in big data and e-commerce, she says.

“We’re anticipating growth in IT with companies moving their development hubs to Malaysia for cost efficiency.

Some 6% of foreign workers are in high-skilled jobs, Malaysian Employers Federation executive director Datuk Shamsuddin Bardan shares. He admits there’s a need for more highly skilled expatriates to meet demand for specialised skills, adding that there were 151,687 expatriates in Malaysia from January to August last year.

The majority came from Bangladesh, followed by India, China and the Philippines. They were mainly employed in the services, ICT, manufacturing and construction sectors.

There’s a growing call for the Government to review the current policy of bringing in expatriates for mid-level categories as they would be competing with locals for jobs, he says.

I think Customer service Executives for local companies selling their product for export as locals’s English is not that good and the accent is terrible. So the expat has a good opportunity if their English is good. But knowledge of Malay is necessary to communicate with your coworkers.

I'm so grateful to be a member of expat Malaysia, coz we can help somebody finding employer or finding a worker ,

The Digital skills in software development like Big Data,IOT,Software developers in Java,.Net and Mobility Developers in Android and iOS are in demand.
Definitely in short IT in my opinion is trending and is considered as Hot Skills for any Expat.

Good day! I am one of the directors of one of the companies in Malaysia. SIR CREACTS SDN BHD is a manpower provider to Aircraft Maintenance Organizations or MROs like Sepang Aircraft Engineering, Airod, AAT or even MAS. My answer to your inquiry or my opinion is AVIATION INDUSTRY, post of Sheetmetal Technicians, Painters, these are few of the post that has shortages in Malaysia.

HI..  If you are trained or with experience in teaching field may it be kindergarten, primary or middle school , there is always vacancy in and around where you stay.
All the best.

My two cents.

Its easy to say that there are some jobs in IT or Hospitality or software development but thats not the issue for the expat.

1) If you are going to uproot yourself and move to a new country, do you have the next-level skills in what the world is currently demanding, or are you trying to ply old skills and hope for the best?

2) Is Malaysia as a country up to the standard of that next level in which your skills can be matched with the country's own and growing advancements?

I'll leave some links at the end but here is what I was reading today:
1) Dyson, the vacuum cleaner company, is going into electric cars and AI. They want all their products to be based on artificial intelligence in the future but cant find many people with AI hardware or software skills to keep pace with its plans.
2) Passenger drones are coming. Uber is talking to Boeing about flying taxis which are being built as we speak but are not legal to fly yet.
3) Apple is competing with China to corner the market on cobalt production because batteries are the future of homes, cars and devices.
4) Electricity production isnt keeping pace with electric demand, going forward. Example, where is the electricity production going to come from to power all these cars and homes and devices?

These are just a few examples I read about everyday. Do you have any of those skills, AND that Malaysia also has any of those industries in which you can create a real future? If you dont have it, and Malaysia doesnt have it, what are you doing here or what do you expect to happen when you come? If you are an AI specialist and Malaysia has an emerging AI industry, you hit it hard for jobs. If not, those skills would be better served in a more advanced environment like Europe or US. But if you say "i want to get out from my country and i need a job, any job," thats a pure recipe for failure. What, you want to wash dishes in a restaurant as an illegal worker?

Malaysia is behind the world and still relies on base industries like tourism, palm oil and petroleum production. There are new roads at times, like biodiesel and RFID, but they seem to fizzle after a while. Also, imports are heavy and the Prime Minister has put emphasis on creating a service industry (doctors, lawyers, accountants) instead of factory production, so that leaves you, as a doctor for example, to possibly have a stint in Malaysia during supply/demand gaps. How does that help anything?

Previously, both expats and locals could rely on foreign companies for good jobs. As I remember, the period around 2004-2005 was the heyday for expat employment. Then, it seemed abruptly to me, they just stopped hiring and then you read in the news that they were leaving Malaysia. At the same time, you read that Thailand, Vietnam and especially Singapore were experiencing spikes in the inflow of foreign companies. Today, old stalwarts like Samsung, Western Digital, and Suzuki are quitting. A poor environment for them equals a poor environment for you.

Within small companies, I have never in my time seen such a tide of business closures as I see right now; I have also never seen so many new developments so unable to attract tenants and the buildings lay idle; ive never seen so many people wanting, and unable to find jobs as I see right now. My local friends who became unemployed cant find an equal job to the one they lost and are having to downgrade their expectations or have no job at all. I know plenty of locals who are right now 12-18 months looking for a job and cant find one.

If you have special talent you have a chance, whether in Malaysia or elsewhere but everyday the worlds colleges are turning out new grads which are your direct competition, too. In the case of Malaysia, its trends, govt policy, immigration, I dont think its possible to think that a long future can be made here. All the foreigners I personally knew came full of hope and all cleared out only after a year or two. I think that says it all. … n-malaysia

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