The jobs that are the most in-demand for expats in Bulgaria


We invite you to share some information regarding the job market for expats in Bulgaria. This information will be incredibly helpful to anyone considering moving there, so we're very grateful for your contribution.

What are the types of jobs that are easily accessible to expats in Bulgaria?

What are the ones most in-demand for expats?

Which industry and/or jobs have limited workforce?

Are there any existing surveys, data, or reports done regarding this topic?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


Most foreigners I've met here have worked as:

- Language teachers. There are plenty of language centers looking for teachers, either with or without teaching qualifications. Most of them pay foreigners under the table, so it is a common entrance into the work field (although I don't recommend getting paid under the table as it will complicate a lot of residence issues if you are non EU and is illegal- a better option is to find a center that will sign a work contract with you).

- Call centers. Always hiring. Easy to get work. Low barrier to entry.

- Writing centers. For SEO articles. Like call centers, these can be soul-sucking, but they always tend to hire foreign language speakers.

- The IT field. Bulgaria has a booming web and software development sector. Many clients and employers are international.

Currently Bulgaria Education is missing out in our opinion on Eco Building, alongside Eco Building Design, and old style Dry stone wall and Stonemasonship, also a highly trained Chef, We have been in Bulgaria for nearly two years and have approched Universities in Veliko Tarnovo and surrounding areas to offer our services for free and recieved no response.

We have 3 degree's , 1 master's, and a doctorate so teaching is not an issue. Other than that any Building, catering, service industry, electrical, Chef, are super however only on a self employed business.

With these businesses we have discovered that you aim at the Bulgarians with sensible pricing stratagies because Bulgaria is developing quickly and the Bulgarians have more spending money than they have had in the early years.

This is only our opinion based on our own experience at this time.

I am TEFL Certified, and finding it very hard to get a Teaching job at most Language Schools in Sofia. What Centres could you suggest I contact?
I also have 32 years of Hospitality experience, working within Concierge in major International Hotels here in Australia.

The language schools require a teaching degree, not only TEFL certification. The centers do not. Unfortunately, I am not in Sofia, so I can't help you out there. But definitely look up a few language centers as opposed to schools.

Hey everyone, I've just moved to Bulgaria with some long lost family members. I've posted my blog. Any advice on finding an English speaking job just while I learn the language properly?

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