Permission to take a Brazilian minor overseas

Hey everyone,

So my husband and I are planning to apply for his PR in Australia, and we’d like to include his daughter in the visa (13yo).

Does anyone know if there’s a specific form we need her mother to sign giving permission to take her? And if she declines permission, are we just stuck here? My husband has full custody of the child, and the child wants very much to go with us.

Any info would be much appreciated! We don’t want this to get messy for the child’s sake :(

If there´s already a court order that he has full custody then there´s no problem. Otherwise, there´s a form she has to sign giving the full permission to be out of the country. If she doesn´t sign then you have to request a judicial permission through the court...

Read on... … ltima-hora … terior.pdf


Thanks so much robal!

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