Visa Cancellation & Applied for new Visa

Dear Friends,

I had worked in Oman for a period from March 2008 to March 2010 (Two Years). After completion of my contract, i had filed resignation to my employer and he repatriated me to home country after visa cancellation.

Now I got an offer from a company in Oman and I have sent my medical reports and other documents to my new employer for the processing of employment. But when they applied for my Visa my application got rejected by ROP.

Anyone knows why they rejected my application. ? Is there is any chance that my previous employer has blacklisted me after my departure from Oman.

Your kind response and guidance shall be highly appreciated

Hi shinodmon,

The best and the most authentic way in which the reason for your employment visa's rejection can be found out, is only through the PRO of the company that has submitted your employment visa application. Only he would be privy to the reason.

And of course, your last employer.

Thank you very much for your kind response. I already informed my new employer to send PRO and find out the reason of visa rejection.

I have one query, is it possible , my old employer can add me in black list after the cancellation of my employment visa ?

shinodmon :

is it possible , my old employer can add me in black list after the cancellation of my employment visa ?

Yes, It is certainly possible. But if you had left your earlier employer on good notes, there seems no point of such act.

Hi Friends

I want to ask your opinion. Regarding my case I've been run away from my employer due to their threat and back here in my country. I just want to ask how do I know if I'am blacklisted in oman? They said if you somebody run away they will be banned for two years. But my point what about blacklist. How do i know? And also if blacklist does it affect if I visit in UAE or Qatar?

Hear from you guys.  Thank you

Your employer claim of 2 year BAN is right because you obviously have no NOC.  However, being blacklisted is something that needs to be checked. If you ever secure another job in any other GCC country else than Oman, then you need to check with the passport control authorities about your entry status in those specific countries. Since they have the list of people around the world who're banned from entering any GCC states or whatsoever, you'll be able to know it.

I think you need to take the NOC from the previous employer and append that to the new application. Have you done that?

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