Expats in Jinan,China

Hello there! I am moving to Jinan at the end of March, and I am looking for some information! I am Serbian,but currently living in Miami Beach.

Please,if you have information about expat community and generally about life in Jinan,write to me.

Thank you. 😊

Rhonda, I'm moving to Jinan at the end of February. I'm in the same boat as you are. Feel free to contact me once you get there.

I am local in Jinan. Jinan is one of the cities sill remain Chinese Tradition. Not like Shanghai~
People in Jinan is the most friendly in China. You're lucky to be here.
Good Luck to you.

Thank you.

I am sure everything is going to be great. I just need some info so I can make transition as smooth as possible.

Once you get there,could you write to me if there is any store nearby where you can buy like pillows,sheets and staff for the house? Or if someone knows if you can order it online?

I wish you all the best 😊

Thank you.

Can you tell me about pollution? I have read it's among top 10 most polluted cities in China.

I am kind of worried because of that.


Sto se tice posteljina itd. imas Wallmart jedan u sred Jinana, pored toga jedan Metro, par RT Marta i Carefoura itd. Tako da nije belaj sto se tice nabavke stvari.

Grad jest zagadjen, posebno zimi, iako je ove godine bilo bolje. Iskreno ako imas izbora pokusaj zaobic Jinan, nije nesto mjesto...mozda interesantno ako planiras ostat pola godine, maksimalno godinu, sve duze od toga je losa ideja.

Sto se tice same provincije, Qingdao je mnogo bolji grad za strance.

@ MirzaJinan > Can you please post in english on this english speaking forum?

Thank you,

Expat.com team

Jinan has already took some measures to reduce the air pollution, so it's much much better than few years ago. Don't have to be that worry.

If you wanna order online, you can choose Taobao where you can order every single thing there.
Or you can go to RT mart where you can buy all you need.
Good Luck.

Hvala. Potpisala Sam na godinu dana samo 😊

Thank you Dominique 😊

You are welcome 🤗

Pollution in China is relative.

Air pollution in Los Angles is 5 times worse than Beijing.

western media has an agenda. Do not fall prey to it.

You will be fine.

Thank you for your reply. I would not know about air pollution in LA,cause I have never visited...

I found this new app!


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