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Can someone help me with my dilemma. I receive an offer to one of the Engineering Company in Malaysia as a Payroll Analyst with monthly salary of RM4750 a month. They endorse my Employment Pass application processing to a certain agency. Today, I send a follow up email to the Agency asking for the status of my Employment Pass. They said that they have submitted my EP application last 22nd of January 2018 however it was rejected due to below RM5000 monthly salary. They have send it to another agency and shall waiting for the approval.

My question is, is there a chance that my Employment Pass will get approved? My Contract period is March 19, 2018 to April 18, 2019.

Total rubbish. An EP Category III can be approved with a salary between RM2500 and RM4999 per month.

Perhaps the company made a mistake and applied for a Category II EP with is issued for salaries RM5000-9999

You and the HR should read this guide: https://esd.imi.gov.my/portal/pdf/TC-ES … r-2017.pdf

There are two EP systems - Professional Pass and Foreign Worker. You will be better off on an ESD PP EP

Hi Gravitas,

Thank you for your reply. That helps me find some peace. I try to check the status online but the results is "not found". Just wondering if you know the reason why it shows me that results.

There would be an online comment IF THE application had been sent to ESD - so it wasn't (this is a worrying situation).


Read the guide because you need better knowledge and understanding. 

There is no online system to check if an application is under the Foreign Worker EP system. But there is also no salary max or min except it must not be under the national minimum wage which is RM1k per month in Peninsular Malaysia.

How much money have you paid?

Hi Gravitas,

I don't paid any as all costs was shouldered by the Company that hired me. I was direct hired and they just pass my EP application process to Kelly Services.

I think the rejection was not at immigration but to do with the body that must approve hirings for the engineering sector. An application for a salary under RM5k has to be obtained for a Category III EP. Check the guide which I sent you the link to.

Hi Gravitas,

Thank you for your response. The agency reach out to me today and send out a Contract of Employment from another agency. I think they will try to resend my requirements for EP using other agency. Hope this works. I will keep you guys posted.

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I'm from Manila and I was also offered a job by an engineering company as GL analyst. I got the job offer last Feb 27 and accepted it on the same day.

I was told that Kelly Services will be the one who will prepare my employment contract and will assist in my EP and Visa application. However, as of today, March 13, no representative from Kelly Services has contacted me yet. Is this how it really works? Should I be worried? How many days or weeks should the employment contract, EP and VISA will be processed?

Also, I have already provided a copy of my passport, passport ID picture, my school records to the company who hired me prior to the job offer.

Hi BlackJenai, as per gravitas it’s totally rubish but if i look at ur contract period its more then 12months ryte? One main reason i can see is if your HR is trying to get EP for more then 12 with salary less then 5000RM which is not allowed according to MDEC. You can try check with your HR on this to shorten the contract period to 12months in order to get approval.

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