Is 750 BHD enough for an admin cum account job in Bahrain

My Indian firm has asked me to join Bahrain branch to provide business services like admin, accounts and secretarial services. They have offered 750 BHD inclusive of accommodation, travel etc. I have over 7 years of experience. Is the salary worth the movement.

Good enough for this job


Reasonable amount if it s covering accommodation and transportation.

I am working as Finance Manager in the airport construction. Don't be hesitate to ask me further questions thru dm.

It is a decent salary. Kindly go through the below links which should give you an idea about the cost of living in Bahrain : cost of living 2018  : Definitive Guide to Bahrain for New Expats : cost of living … 1#p2522261 : cost of living area wise


Thank you. The amt is all inclusive. My only worry is I should be able to survive with this salary and send some money home as I understand Bahrain is quite expensive.

Thank you so much for the detailed post.

You can manage with this salary if you are willing to follow the below..
1) Stay in a shared executive accommodation. That would cost you something between BD 100 to BD 150 depending on location and roommates. Utility bills might be additional.
2) You are planning to move alone and not bring your dependents.
3) If you don't have to travel within the city on duty and if yes, your company provides you a car for the same.
4) If company provides you with air tickets to travel home during vacation.
5) Your company provides you with medical insurance.

If all of the above is Yes than you can plan to accept the offer and you can save around BD 300 to BD 400

Exactly as Amit said above.

You can save but it will require you to make some compromises.

yes, this is the package in Bahrain for 7 years experience in india & for  indian

I am indian, from mumbai.
I'm in Bahrain since last 2 years.
Following info. will help you:
I get 650 BD/month + travel tickets + wife's visa + transport ( office to home)

I have rented 2 room, 1 bath room Flat in gudaibiya (160 BD/m) wherein i live with my wife and sometimes i call my mom too (on visit visa).
I pay electricity bill too.

I manage to send lum sum 300 BD / month to india. ☺

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