divorce or annulment whats the cost and how quick

Guys why even bother with annulment, if she wants divorce good luck to her, I think most guys at our age will not even care, but up to you which way you wish to go.

I started my annulment filing last November 2017 and my atty cannot give me an exact time frame when it will be finish. Do you guys have any idea how long it will take along with the registration from civil registry.? Currently we just received the sol.gen from the court.. We filed our case in Pangasinan since me and my ex got married there. Currently i paid 150k for my atty and 25k for the psychologist..

The average is 2 years.

philipperv :
Lachmcc :

Also, by law a Philippine court does not accept or recognize a divorce or annulment from another country. Maybe in the province with "special fees" involved; but highly unlikely. A Philippines annulment still has to be processed in country. If you reside outside the Philippines, an annulment can still be performed in your absence. My cost estimate of P200K would be in Manila.

@Tvanzandt is correct regarding finding the right attorney.

This is only true if both parties are Filipinos. If one party is a foreigner the local courts will accept the foreign divorce decree from the Filipino or Filipina.

Not exactly true. If they were married in the Philippines that will not fly. If the Filipino wants to get married in the Philippines again, the divorce will have to be validated in a Philippines court and requires an "expert" to testify that the foreign divorce is valid. It is also true for the foreigner, if they were married in the Philippines, and gets a foreign divorce, then wants to get married again in the Philippines, legally he(or she) has to get the divorce validated using an "expert" to testify in a Philippines court.

He may be considered divorced every other place in the world and be free to remarry, but not in the Philippines.

Believe me, I found out the hard way this is true. DO NOT EVER get married in the Philippines. While I have had friends who's wives have been able to successfully get annulments, it was not easy and it is a roll of the dice depending on where in the Philippines you are.

Personally I have thrown several hundred thousand pesos away, waited over 2 years and still have not even had a first hearing where I am. I have had to pay for my ex to be served papers more than once while the server refused to give a receipt for the second time. Still did not serve her. She went to the court to get them herself. And the clerk asked her to pay even more money because the original one was "unable" to serve them. The corruption has no shame. It was suggested by the lawyer that I spend another 300k and go to another area of the island to get it all done in a year. Of course that is illegal. I won't do that. Sucks here, I have found too often that the way to get things done here legally is to do things illegally. So hard to tell if you are dealing with incompetence, dishonesty, laziness, corruption or all of the above.

My ex is going to be basically screwed, I will just get a divorce when ever I get back to the states. My gf will have to return to the ME to work, I will try to get her a fiancee visa while she's there. I will not send money for her (not her fault, I know) that in the end gets sucked up by the corruption.

Okieboy :

Wrong I don't know about other foreigners but Americans can obtain a divorce in Guam that is legal in the Philippines ,you start the paperwork in the Philippines and when ready you go to Guam for 7 day requirement at the end you are divorced and free to marry again in the Philippines I know a American here in Davao that has been married and divorced from Filipinas four times

He may of done it. He may be able to get away with it. It's actually not legal. I have heard though that the girl can get her marriage cleared off of NSO with the divorce. Hence than be able to get a CENOMAR. Things are just so screwed up here. Wished I had just gone to Guam and then washed my hands of it.

I will think it will be cheaper just to change your name, start all over again, haha

Hi is it possible to share the costs and attorney details to me please

Thank you

The issue of a foreign divorce has been thru the Supreme Court long ago, the divorce only has to be validated by the Filipino so they can remarry, a foreigner has no cenomar, all he needs is another contract to marry from his embassy

I'm two years into this process and it's kind of stalled out in the court. At first it moved quickly but now we keep getting delayed on the day of the hearings, for one reason or another. Busy court, lazy judge.  Each time delayed, adds another 4-6 months. On the other hand I actually have appreciated the additional time to get to know her, relationships are different after the first couple of years. Cost was 150K.

Dennigmt :

Hi Chuckieparson
I can only recommend when I know the final outcome! However I believe that this man has the full intention and experience to do the job. Please read on.
I wish you to understand that I am in the early stages of the annulment process that only started this February 2018. I do not have any reason to believe the Lawyer that we have, is not acting in a correct manner.
My fiancé has already attended the first interview with a Psychologist, as a psychological study that she is required to do for the court assessment of the annulment is part of the process, and she is now doing an on line questionnaire program with the Psychologist.
I f you should you wish I can give my personal email, I can then send you the lawyers email he has an office in Imus Cavite
He has the use of other locations to meet and assist in working with his clients.

Hi, can you share to me the contact details of your lawyer? Thanks

can you help me with that lawyer contact,my girlfriend is in Manila and is trying for Annulment.
i can give you my email address if you need it.
Thank you

Dear Blue eyes from Northampton, beware of scams and large sums of money given to ex-husbands for an annulment. We have lived in the Philippines for the last 12 years and have seen some guys lose money for the pretty face.
I'm from your area and if I can offer any advice please don't hesitate to ask.

Hi Peter thank you for that. i was hoping that someone whom has gone through annulment
might be able to get me in tough with that lawyer.my girlfriend can not fine her ex its been over 25yrs now.for her to move on she have to get annulment.now children,no property.because its only last 3 to 4 month.

Annulments are very expensive and together with the "Payoff" to the ex-husband to sign the documents can amount to about 500,000 pesos, that's a lot Blue eyes.  Many people live with their partners in happy relationships  without this expense.  There are chaps who've been conned this way with Fiances into spending money and then disappeared with the another man.  I would recommend living together for a few years and learning about each others family situations before parting with large sums of money.  Too quickly we form our opinions on current life styles in the West and fall into financial traps here in the Philippines.  Don't sell any property, first rent your place out and live here for a while in rented accommodation and see how the ground lies.

Hi Peter my girlfriend was her in the UK for up to 7yrs that's how we meet.we done all papers
but fine out that a marriage that her father did 25yrs ago was not a fake.she had no marriage certificate in her hand.no wedding party,her mother was not they,only 4 people as she remember it,
out of the 7yrs in the UK she was with me 3 and a half years of that.she went back to try and sort it out.that is why i am helping looking for annulment lawyer.she have not see that person since he walk
out on her in 1990 3 to 4 months after marriage,

I take it that you have asked for a copy of the marriage licence here in the Philippines?

yes its registered.so its not fake.

Two key words expensive and  dragged out

Blueyes, sorry for the strictness but have you visited the gov office here in the Philippines and seen for yourself the marriage certificate ?  Please do not accept a Filipinos word for things here, you'd be amazed at what is done.  Then have  u visited the girls home and spent time with her family?

Hi, I’m new here. Are you okay to disclose the details of the lawyer you hired to file your annulment? My partner needs to file an annulment and we are looking to get this going ASAP.

Many thanks.



I’m a newbie here and I need some help finding an annulment lawyer in the Philippines for my girlfriend ... and I would really appreciate any recommendations... any of you might have ....

Shack up and rent or lease

Hi niceguy2. Have sent you a pm.


Hello blueeyes58b.

I have sent you a pm


hi Peter you can email me on ***
with info and cost..thank you.

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Hi. Don't suppose you have the details still of the person you went with.
Would be much appreciated.

Thank you

Must tell you a story about a couple of close friends in San Luis Batangas. He is an ex diver and very sociable, met his G/f in Dubai as a singer, a lovely lady and great voice. We knew them for 5 years before we moved to Laguna. They couldn't have children and maybe it was because he was an alcoholic. They always appeared very happy with their relationship and moved into a new house close to her parents (par.for the course) Last year we called in and surprise surprise they had  a new baby that was conceived by implant that apparently costs over 100,000 a time.
We discovered that the money he paid went to a former boyfriend of the lady who did the impregnating.  We could not believe what had happened and the Filipino family were devastated also. So there you go chaps  it can be a dodgy place to settle down in, even for ex Yorkshire men !

We have another story of a pleasant Chinese guy with Filipino fiance we met who'd been drugged by his lady after creating a computer shop  filled with stock and then emptying it with an ex boyfriend sitting on the sidelines...even took his wristwatch.

...oh dear but that won't happen to me ??

Lachmcc :

Also, by law a Philippine court does not accept or recognize a divorce or annulment from another country. Maybe in the province with "special fees" involved; but highly unlikely. A Philippines annulment still has to be processed in country. If you reside outside the Philippines, an annulment can still be performed in your absence. My cost estimate of P200K would be in Manila.

@Tvanzandt is correct regarding finding the right attorney.

You are incorrect....
Under the second paragraph of Article 26, Family Code of the Philippines, if a validly celebrated marriage between a Filipino and a foreigner is dissolved by a foreign divorce decree capacitating the foreign spouse to remarry, the Filipino spouse can also remarry. In other words, for the divorce to be recognized in the Philippines, the following conditions must exist: (1) the marriage was between a Filipino and a foreigner; (2) the marriage was dissolved by a foreign divorce decree; and (3) the divorce was obtained by the non-Filipino spouse.

https://filipinolawgroup.com/recognitio … ilippines/

I got my divorce in Australia, All done by email with an attorney in Melbourne. Took 4 months and cost about $3000 aussie dollars and that included Australian DFAF ribbon and Phils embassy Ribbon. I still have to register my copy in the city hall of marriage registration. The spouse has to go thru a Judiciary process in the court to have the foreign divorce document recognized as being legit.

Costly and well drawn out

Do you have your lawyer’s email add?

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