My name is Cathrine from Zimbabwe, just got a job with ILRI and am looking for accomodation in Loresho. Any suggestions and recommends are welcome .

Looking forward to a good time!


Hi Cathrine ,

Welcome to :)

Feel free to check the offers in the Housing in Nairobi section, you might find what you are looking for.
Also feel free to post your search in the same section, it is free.

You may also want to get in touch directly with the professionals of real estate, here is a small list : … al-estate/

Good luck,

Priscilla team

Welcome to kenya.

Hi Catherine... hope you did find what you were looking for. You're enjoying your stay I suppose

Not yet, am still looking for a house

I have researched for your query and found some of valued sites you can use to find a better accommodation on rent. Try agoda or house.jumia. Maybe it will be heplful to you.

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