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My s pass was rejected by the MOM before 2month.My offer was 2400sgd and i am a diploma holder(Electrical and Electronics) having 8years experience.On Dec 21 2017 appealing process done.my worry is still i dont get any notification from the MOM.please can you suggest me.Advance thank you all.


You won’t get any notification from MoM, once the outcome of the appeal finalised at MoM, they will change the outcome result (if its still rejected then it will remain the same). I would suggest to ask your employer to reach out MoM to know about the status of that appeal, cause 2 months is quite long for an appeal. Good luck

Thanks for your kind information and i will check with them.

S$2400/month is far too low for a diploma holder with 8 years experience. I don't think you'd get an S-Pass with that (and I also don't think you should sell yourself so cheaply).

First Thank you and I came to know they had increased my salary for appealing because that was the main reason for rejection.can you tell me. Howl long will be take for get the result from the date of appeal as per recent MOM rules and once if they approved can we check the result by ep online status?


Work pass application processing by MoM takes anywhere between a week and several months, with most cases between 1 and 2 months.

If once they approved can we check by ep online and  the Previous rejected status will be change or not?


An approval will be shown in EPonline.

Salary increase with proper justification is required. Employer simply can’t increase the salary to appeal your pass rejection. In addition, employer has to show proof how many local people interview was conducted and whether their skills didn’t match etc. Good luck

Hi sir,
Again my pass rejected (2nd time)the reason is the same  salary issue.Howmuch salary will be accept by the MoM for S pass approval(Diploma and 8years exp).


You can use the SAT tool on MoM's website to figure out what salary you should have to get an S-Pass.

Sorry to hear, but diploma with 8yrs experiences , you should expect at least $3500 to $4000 per month. Good luck

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