Topic closed - why?

In the Work section I created a topic stating that I am looking for  job in HCMC.
A second reply was posted with "Job Section", and the thread was closed.

I am aware that you can upload your CV etc in a different section, but is there a guideline forbidding creating a thread about looking for a job? Is this not something an expat forum should be there? As people who might know about any vacancies will not search CVs on this site. I am just a bit confused if I missed anything in the forum guideline?
I am also surprised that other threads with similar questions remains open.

Any advise would be much appreciated, so I do not break any further guidelines without realising it.

Easy one to answer

The Vietnam section had a lot of problems with advertisers spamming the forum, meaning a lot of work for the teams and a lot of justified complaints from members.

CVs should be posted in "Jobs" at the top of this page as advertisers home in on such threads to spam their job sites.
The forum is generally unwelcoming of adverts but the massive spam problems forced a zero tolerance policy in the Vietnam section.

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