Hi, my name is Bajibabu shaik
    I am working as a Technician in oman from four I gave resignation to my job..because I want to settled in india with my my query is about Gratuity .
1) my joining date in oman is 15th February 2014.
2) I gave resignation on January 20th 2018.
3) my total used leaves are 7 months.
4) my visa expire date is 15th February 2018.
5) my total salary in the years 2014&2015 are 130 OMR.
6)and the remaining years (2016,2017,2018) until now my salary is 170 OMR.

          Now please let me know how much gratuity can i get from my company.

4 years u worked. So based on last basic salary drawn u will get for 3 years half and fourth year full means  omr 425 I assume ur omr 170 is basic

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