Bahrain VS Dubai: Which is best?

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Looking to relocate to the Emirates and just researching various options and locations.  Dubai and Abu Dhabi are obviously favorites for most but I was just wondering about other places such as Bahrain?  From the research I have done, people are very friendly, average salaries are good and many seem to be happy there.  Yes theres less to do on the flip side.  So would appreciate some thoughts on peoples experience of Bahrain with reference to Dubai?

I believe Dubai better

I posted on this quite a while back in another forum.  Reproducing that same post.

I think I have a unique perspective; having lived in Dubai for 4-5 years and then moving to Bahrain 4 years ago.

1) Much much cheaper than Dubai - I am still surprised by this.  For my house in RV; I pay 1300 BD per month inclusive. Similar in Dubai would cost me 2300-2500 BD (I used to live in Meadows which is comparable to RV). RVIS is supposed to be one of the most expensive schools in Bahrain i.e. around 6500 BD per year for Pre-KG which was standard cost for a similar quality Dubai school. Hospital visits here on cash cost 15-25 for consultation which is half of Dubai etc.  EXCEPT official taxis; these are absolutely horrible, much more expensive, not easily available and less reliable than Dubai cabs
2) More relaxed and you don't feel rushed all the time. Time somehow seems to pass slower and you find time to do more things - strange but seems that way
3) People are nicer and more social.  Some of best friends here are locals whereas in Dubai, I never knew any locals
4) More culture and feels authentic.  Dubai feels to be without soul and like the transit lounge of an airport
5) Better family life

1) Worse driving habits, roads and traffic - this is my view but the areas I frequented and lived in Dubai, were painless to get to. From Riffa today, if I go to Manama, any route is a pain
2) Less structure, rules and process in pretty much everything. Things just move painfully and requires Wasta at times.  In Dubai, as an average joe, I could walk into a Government office with the right documents and the process would be smooth with rules applied
3) Connectivity to the rest of the world not as good
4) Entertainment options are limited and the day to day is not as exciting as in Dubai; in Dubai you feel alive. The pace of development is unbelievable; things change in front of you and something is always happening
5) Not as safe as Dubai; again my view and not related to the unrest but in Dubai you don't hear a lot of stories about armed robberies, car burnings and attempted petrol station torchings
6) Availability of goods & services vs. Dubai in terms of variety and options (especially online)
7) Limited career opportunities.  At senior levels, you have to leave Bahrain to progress

If I reflect on this; if I was a single guy making good money, I would not want to live in Bahrain.  From a family perspective, I would prefer Bahrain.


In my opinion Dubai is a better place to live compared to Bahrain. Facilities such as transportation, education is better in Dubai.

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