Cie renewal at 10 years

I have a permanent resident visa in brazil because of marriage (and now 2 kids) since june 2010.  I moved back to the us when my son was born.  I travel back every 2 years to keep my visa active.  I see now my cie expires Aug this point i am guessing i will need to renew it. 
1) i see 90 days recommended, but how much before expiry should i apply, within what window?
2) how long will i need to remain in brazil to get this renewed (i need to get extended time off work for this).  3) Do i have to be there for application and pickup or can family assist?
4) do i have to prove i have a residence there or prove my husbands house is same as marital asset or can i renew using my sogras address where i initially registered (houses are next to each other...husband still has land in his name we built house on that brother is living in).  Do i need some form of mail showing address?

Especially having sons with dual citizenship i want to ensure i dont loose access to brazil.  My next trip has to be by april 2019 and i think that is too soon to start process so I'd need a "short" time period between trips.


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Some of the procedure has changed. You should go to the pf website and research. I will do the same.  I'm sure you will have to renew close to expiration date. As far as to address since you still own property there that might be good enough.


It looks like i have to go to pf to apply and i have to go to pick up.  It doesnt look like someone else can do that.  How long is that process?  I also read you should apply 90 days before as stated above but it didnt say how early/late you can do it.  For example, can i go 1 month before and stay 1 week and be done?

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I think one month before it expires you are fine. I don't know how long it takes to receive the new one.


Last November, a new CIE took a month, from initial appointment to pickup of the completed card at the PF.  There will be new processes around the new replacement card, the CIM, and the fact that you're renewing an existing CIE should help speed the process some.
In your place, I would figure, for planning purposes now, worst case, that I'd need six weeks in Brazil, but call the PF 6-9 months before expiration to ask about the actual timing.  I've found the PF to be helpful with phone inquiries.

Hi.  I will also have to renew my Permanent Residence, not until 2023, though.  My question is:  Can you renew at a Consulate?  Or does one have to go to Policia Federal in your State of Residence?

From the process I went through in getting the original Perm. Residence, it was a pain & required a lot of translation (as English isn't too prevalent in my Brasilian state).  My Portuguese is pretty good, but I still need help from time to time.

As such, life would be a lot simpler if I could just do all of this at my Consulate, which is about 20 minutes from where I live.

Best Regards.


As far as I know you do it with PF.


Thx Jim.....Guess I'd better start looking for a good priced ticket to Sta. Catarina in 5yrs, 😃

I'm on the same boat as some of you above... my CIE will expire and I travel often, so I risk having to renew it, get a flimsy piece of paper, travel abroad, and pick up the new card once i'm back in Brasil. Seems tricky. I'll stay tuned in case anyone comes by to tell the story of how it went for them...

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