Moving to Panama in the Summer

Hello all,

My name is Vijay. I am a personal trainer from Calgary Alberta Canada.
My wife and I are going to make the big move to Panama this summer and start a new life. I am hoping to open up a personal trainer and bootcamp studio and basically do for work there, what I do here but in a paradise . Any suggestions welcome. Thank you for letting us join the expat community

Panamanians seem very fitness conscious. I live in David and know of three gyms, and I see people out walking, jogging, biking, etc. The expats up in Boquete have yoga, hiking, Zumba, and who knows what all else. I don’t know anything about your business but it seems like a viable idea to me.
I don’t know anything about what legal red tape you need to go through, but I know a good lawyer who can probably help.
Good luck!

i live in chorrerra an hour outside panama city ,, new gym opened here ultra modern is 22 a month "animas " is a power club off shoot ,, in the city power club was 40 a month plus tax 5 years ago don't know now ,, there are trainers that work at the gym here but my understanding you are not supposed to pay and they cannot accept  money " inside the club " i see 2 or 3 women coming in with personal trainers more and more do not know any details ..

Thank you for that!!! 😊

Thank you so much. That will help

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