Mechanical engineer Visa can I get or not

Hi I got a offer in oman on one month before in private company.they ask me a degree certificate and medical for visa processing I already send theming January 2 itself. After I called they said they applied for visa clearance till now they dont get like that. I am a mechanical engineer. Now there is a new rule is announced that they are temporary ban 87 sector for issuing visa . In that mechanical engineering also there. Can any tell I get the visa or not? From company they says 20 days before itself they applied like that.

Hi Tamilmech92

If your application was submitted before the rule was announced, you should get the employment visa - provided the company has met all the criteria for employing an expatriate and holds the needed labour clearance.

In any case, this query can be answered best by your employer's PRO only as only he would know what is the exact status of your application. So you better ask your employer on how things are progressing at the ministry's end since the rule came into effect two days back.

For labor clearance how many days it take bro

For labor clearance how many days take? And they submitted January 4 for labor clearance till now they don’t get why this much delay?

Hi Tamilmech92,

The issue of Labour Clearance is a long story.

Much has been written about it on the forum.

Help yourself to all the information available.

Do a simple site search on that subject, please.

Hi bro, I got the information from company. They said they get the labor clearence to day only. Now they applied for visa. Here after there is no problem for getting visa or not? Tell me please

Hi Tamilmech92,

If the required labour clearance is in hand, then the employment visa will be issued within a matter of mere days.

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