Doubt about Self-sufficent In Malta

Hello guys!
A few weeks ago I've applied as Self-sufficient here in Malta.
What I would like to know is if with this kind of residence I'm allowed to open a Company in Malta.
I've consulted with a bunch of tax/accountant advisor. Some say yes...some says no. I don't really know what to do and who to listen...can you please guy clarify this?

As an EU citizen - Yes, you can.

I opened my companies before moving here, before having residency or a address here.  Just get a competent accountant

Thanks for the reply guys. On the application, the Maltese card has the letter ending and from what I read here … anies.aspx there is written


EU Nationals vested as a Company’s Director who hold/ do not hold a Residence Card issued by the Identity Management Agency with the letter ‘A’.letter 'A'."

This is classic Maltese engrish- complete meaningless drivel, foreigners and foreign companies can own companies in Malta.

Speak to a professional

Thank you so much! @volcane also do you know if I open a trading company and get only the dividend (in a Maltese bank account) I have to pay national insurance?

Not sure but that sounds the wrong way round :) taxation in Malta for foreigners is designed to pay dividends into foreign companies and paying yourself a salary here.

NI is a good tax to pay.

Thanks @volcane ... Do you have any good accountant reference?

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