use Permesso di soggiorno in Belgium for intenship

Hi friends,

I am doing my Msc studies in Italy and I am from India.My question is can I use valid permesoo di soggiorno to do internship in Belgium without apply for Belgium country VIsa.

Thank you in advance

The best is to ask your hosting organization.

By the way, What is the duration of your internship and it is paid or unpaid ?

Thank you Aneesh, I am waiting for the approval from company .Its unpaid internship.

Yeah, do ask them if you need a work permit or special visa in order to do the internship. If they say yes, you may have to apply for one.

In general,  if you are a non-EU citizen with student permit in one EU country, you have to apply for a work permit/visa for internships in other EU countries.

I have seen feedback like 'you dont need a visa to stay less than 90 days in another schgengen country'. This is true, but this does not cover working in that country.

So always good to clarify with the employer (Sure they deal with a lot of cases like this and will be able to suggest based on their policies and experience).

Good luck !

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