Stage 1 EP Processing

Just talk to the employer. They have to state in their application for the EP where it will be picked up. Unfortunately sometimes the employer guesses.

Some categories of EP also require a medical before entering and xray/bloods after arrival before Stage II. If this is the case for you, there will be a need to be outside Malaysia. All this is why the rule is to remain outside Malaysia during Stage I

In-case my EP application is rejected, is there any way to make it Approved? Like Re-appeal or Re-application?

The employer will have been given a reason for the rejection.  Depending on the reason, they can appeal the rejection providing new evidence in support of the application


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Hi, I also have the same case but i dont know how to check if my new company already apply the  EP for me after submitting all documents they needed. My current EP was already shortened until end of this month.

If the application is through ESD there is a checker (not sure its uptodate these days)

Hi friend,

Help me I was on EP with one company and got the better offer within 3 months but the new company asked to transfer the visa to their company I said ok and the old EP is canceled online and physical also new company applied for the EP it is in 2nd stage now and is in KIV status can I know how long will it take to cross thus stage.
I have submitted the NOC but didn't had the contact details and again I gave NOC with contact details.
And my old EP has the date till 28th December wat if the new EP doesn't come within that time.


I have got a job offer from Malaysia and my initial process has been completed. I have a query regarding my application on arrival in Malaysia. I got the approval for my employment pass stage 1 but my organization said that I need to submit my passport on arrival in Malaysia to complete the endorsement process(Employment pass stage 2). So could you please let me know that it is safe to submit the passport to employer on arrival or not.

thanks in advance.

Yes, Its absolutely fine just take true copy signed by company HR for your passport xeros. generally they will returen your passport within 4 days after EP printing on your passport.

Yes, that is the process procedure and safe

You are Indian so must arrive on a Visa with Reference (VDR). Without this calling visa you can't get Stage 2 completed.

It's a safeguard put in place by immigration to ensure the job or employer is not a scam. Basically it's not permitted to enter on a tourist visa and then try and convert this to an employment pass.

Hello all,

Was doing some research on the EP and Visa processing for Filipinos expat in Malaysia and came across this forum.  :D

I am currently in the Philippines as just finished serving the 3-month cooling off period. My stay got extended by my employer to proceed with my converting from contract to permanent employment.

I've decided to apply for a new job, new employer, and just now received an email from Malaysian agency (I am a direct hire, but need to liaise with partner agency for the EP) to submit my documents for EP processing. I've just submitted my docs (passport copies, photo, school docs, tax) except for my Release Letter/NOC as I am still serving/rendering work until 1St of March. My resignation will be effective on this said date.

Will this delay my EP and Visa? Also, my training for new job starts on 18th March (tentative).

Appreciate any advice.

Hi I am waiting for mdec approval. Once that is done I need to have the Stage 1 single entry visa pasted on my passport.

My question is
- Does the Malaysian high commision / Embassy in Delhi do the job of  Visa stamping
- Does one have to request an agency registered with Malaysian immigration to get the visa stamping.

I currently am in India and the closest Malaysian office to me is situated at Delhi.

Thank you for any information / experience or friendly advice.


Once you get Stage 1 approval from Malaysian immigration they provide a letter which authorises you to approach the Delhi Malaysian HC for them to issue the single entry visa in your passport before departure

It's called a VDR or visa with reference. Check paperwork (sometimes original is required) and charges on separate tabs at the link above

Check with the HC as I think you have to use an Agent (such as VFS), to apply for the VDR

Here is another agent website OSC

You have to go-to OSC office, it is inside Shivaji Stadium metro station, refer to the vfs link shared earlier in the thread, visit with the relevant documents, the processing fee is around 6k and they take 4-5 working days to stamp your Visa

Manish K, Gravitas, 
Thank you for all the information.  Does anyone know what is ISC ? Is it a process / certification?  that I would require for being eligible for the Stage 1 single entry visa ?

Best regards,

It's a Security Check requirement for all Indian citizens when employer applies for work permit. It has to be successful to be approved.

Note that Stage 1 is approval of application for work permit

Next is application for VDR in home country

Stage 2 is after arrival on single entry VDR when passport is sent to Malaysian immigration to stamp the already approved work permit

See above for details

To apply for VDR you can't pay cash and need to get bankers drafts. Details on links provided

Hi, I am on my EP ( but now relocated to india) and I am engaged to a Malaysian, we want to get married soon, but want to know about few things.
I am resigning my job so I won’t need the present EP.
1. My present EP aid valid til Aug 2020
2. I am relocated to india but my visa is still active
3. My passport is about to expire in few months

My question is
1. if I wanna apply for social pass and get married will my ep automatically be cancelled ? Or it’s does not matter as it’s a social visa and not work visa ?

2. If I renew my passport does my Ep cancel automatically ?

I’d like to know if I can enter Malaysia during Stage 1 EP application for MDEC as I have been informed that I can enter Malaysia during that which is making me confuse from what I have known that I should remain outside Malaysia during stage .

Yes,you must be out of Malaysia,you can only come after receiving VDR letter,after landing in malaysia you can give your passport to your employer for stage II processing that is nothing but EP stamp in your passport - Thanks

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