Knowing Iqama number through Passport Number

Dear Admin,

I was working in SA from 2011 to 2012, and I am presently living in UAE.
I am on the process of moving to another country for that I need a copy of my Iqama and final exit paper or SA PCC.
Please help me to achieve these or refer me some agencies in SA who can help me.

Thank you so much.

Dear all,

Good day! I am seeking your assistance to help me to find my iqama number through passport number. I really need your help. Please anyone help me.

Here there you go and check:
Ministry of Labor

Type in your passport number, nationality, and the security code. Then click the button and go to the bottom of the screen. If Iqama has been issued, you'll see info appearing in the bottom of the screen. If not, you'll see an error. Good luck mate.

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