ship your car from Canada to Spain

I'm thinking to ship my car ( 6 mo old) from Canada to Spain, if I have non lucrative residence is it possible to register it and get insurance in Spain? how mach it will cost? any taxes? please advice



Not worth it.
You will have to undertake a the homologation process to see if the car is suitable for Spanish roads.
In case you do not know what I mean, Homologation (homologación) is the procedure whereby vehicles are made to comply with certain safety and other requirements before they can be registered. A vehicle imported from a country outside the EU must undergo homologation and must be certified by the manufacturer or an officially recognised laboratory and undergo a test before it can be registered in Spain. It’s a long and complicated process and in the end you may have to change parts like glass, lamps, seat belts, maybe even airbags converted to EU standards. In addition if the car is only made for the North American market then purchasing spares could be a bit of a problem too.
You realise that your Diving Licence may not be exchangeable and once you become resident your old Licence will not be valid. You will have to resit your test.

Hi , I’m taking my Jeep(UK registered) to Gran Canaria in a short while, so far I have found that you need to obtain a Certificate of Conformity (Approximately €100) my biggest hurdle though is changing the headlights, the American ones that you would thought would have been easy to obtain considering it’s an Amarican vehicle , but no, they’re illegal in Europe!!! And E regulation ones are available for at least £800 exc fitting !!!, and the Jeep dealers in GC seem unable to answer either emails or the phone !,,, I am very upset that I’m no nearer now than I was 4 months ago , I know the Spanish/Canarians can be a little hard to grasp the gravity of these issues but this is becoming crazy to say the least !
The one positive point is that I’ve found an Insurance company in Malaga has quoted me a better price for the same cover than in the UK ,called Abbeygate, the web adddress is : Talk to Miss Charlie Kelly .

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