Social Activities for English-speaking Expats in Alanya

Hello guys!

I am new in Alanya, I love it but I really need to socialise, I do not speak Turkish yet and I don't know how to get to know new people here. Are there any social activities for English speaking expats in Alanya?

For instance, who of you guys would like to play football? Or probably we could arrange a tournament of badminton?

Looking forward to your responses :)


Happy to join in any socoal events in and aroud Alanya-football only ftom a spectator's point of view, but happy to participate in anything.  I havr a car so can offer lifts to those without wheels.

Hello SunShadow,
Welcome, and hope you enjoy your time in Alanya.
There are a few facebook groups intended for expats living in Alanya; I suggest you follow them up.

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