Shipping furniture to DR

I just googled Mudanza in Miami and a lot comes up, but most looks like regular moving companies (drive only) they do appear to be international and ship out of many countries, but didn't see a Miami location (for internatiomal shipping) if anyone has address and number I'd like it....thanks☺

A mudanza is a shipper
They ship door to door USA to RD very economically
I ship out of NYC but MIA has plenty too

In Miami try Montero

Yes you must have residency approval before your belongings can be shipoed.

You are not crazy as I remember the post you are referring to.  It's not yet cleared through customs and we are waiting for the poster to update us. Hopefully they do!

This process is not simple especially if you don't speak Spanish.  I need to find time to update the thread on residency.

Is there anything you need to do other than have Residency to ship your furnishings tax exempt? Do you need any other paperwork completed beforehand?

Most likely yes. You need a detailed list of what you are shipping. Have available any and all purchase receipts regardless of how old they are.  Don't buy new just to ship!  They can and will apply tax or " propina" to these items.  You will get away with 2 or 3 TV for a couple but not likely to be able to bring 5 with some being brand new.

They charge by the pound. You order your stuff and sent them your invoice. Then when it arrives in DR, they invoice you. They even deliver.

You have to set up an account first. You can get an airfreight and a maritime address. Shipping by boat is better for some things, air for others. They will tell you. You have to have a deposit with them, pay on-site, or by international wire transfer. My experience with them has been very positive.

**this is not for the big, move all your belongings kind of move. It is for things you might want but cannot find or find logistically easier to order, pay for, and have delivered.

I was travelling today...
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this is waaay overthinking.

Mudanzas are door to door shippers - USA to Rep Dom.
Their fee has all the dock/customs clearances in it.

I ship major appliances, BBQs, lawn mowers...
Residency is not an issue.

Your furniture will arrive... cleared.
Shipping a container of household goods id a different matter sometimes

I have shipped BIG stuff... 8ftx4ftx4ft.. in custom made crates..
Armoires, name it.... by Mudanza

they sell 'tanques' - barrels to us.. about 45-50 gal ones.
Fill w/ what you want... about $135

The CPS, Aeropost... MIA box shippers are for paperweights...nothing big for me
too rich $$$$$$$$$$$

My last box was 2ft by 2ft by 2ft....$30/35.... NYC to my door step

I have one on its way for $100....
all packed (by them) in a dishwasher box with added height....

You should really investigate this option... zero hassle and about 2 week delivery

NYC & MIA are full of them.... really need to be there... or ship there as I do

Home Depot Sale - Free Ship... Mudanza delivers.
Like all things Dominican - you need to build your network

my shipper is Awlida... NYC & STI..
There are tons more

I have gone to the archives...
must be Good Samaritan Day
This week, I dropped off a cooler (22" long +/-) which I bought at Dick's for $20 on sale.
I filled it with what I wanted and had Awilda wrap in cellophane.

Also, I had a power washer shipped (free) to them for forwarding to me..... $165 electric one, new.
Dimensions 24'Hx12"x12"

Price for both to me in Cabrera......$75

Pretty good price, I think.

and so easy ...

Vinicio in FL
Embarque Bella Vista...NJ/NY
Montero FL &NY... might be $$$\
CarmenCargo Express
Martinez CargoFL
Last week on Long Island, I sent two large Items, One Long & heavy , a Console table Flat Packed & One Marble Sofa Table Also heavy, both cost $ 140.00 to ship from Embarque Jarabacoa , Roosevelt Long Island to Cabarete door to door. Total time is just over 2-weeks. As for re-packing items You are better off Stating what the item is upfront to the shipper , they give a you a price & the rest is thier worry.-
Germany Aug 2017
Review: Awilda Shipping
We recently shipped in total a total of 11 large and relatively heavy boxes from Germany to Puerto Plata (from Germany up until New York with DHL, then with Awilda), and just wanted to post this review, as this mudanza was also recommended by William Webster on this forum.

So: Can recommend, excellent service from the beginning to the end. We sent the parcels from Germany on August 12th and they arrived September 11th. The handling of the parcels had been seemingly rough, but that's something you can expect on a long journey like that, and the parcels not being the roughest kind there is.

We were contacted immediately when Awilda had received the shipment. We were given the option to pay everything to the driver when they would arrive, and again, excellent service, the driver confirmed the place of delivery and even asked us to check the contents so that everything was fine.

Once there's need to get some items we need from the US or Europe, will definitely be using them again.

Price: 2363 DOP / box, each having a weight of about 40-60 lbs and the dimensions of a large moving parcel.


The Samaritan is exhausted after EWR this AM.....

I could go on & on....

Once you get the drift - Snowflake- you'll be fine.

No residency needed... pay at ship or on receipt....weight not a factor

A MUST if you live here..... Creo yo!!!!

Quick question... If you buy items, pack on your own, and sent to reshipper address, do you include the original receipts in the package? Or do you copy and send to the shipper digitally?

I have never included a receipt - nor been asked for one.

They use a different system at the docks....

I pack my things - or have him pack them.... that's it.

At times we list contents.... Houshold items.

Much less complicated than Encargo Pac , CPS et al

If it's mail forwarder then put a copy in the package and upload digitally. Never part with your original receipt.

👍👍 Gracias

The best thing about the Mudanza system is avoiding the bureaucratic morass .

In 10 yrs... I have had ZERO problems.

I am thoroughly confused by this system. We are taking some mattresses, recliner, 3 tvs, maybe 10 boxes. So we could drive it to Miami and use a mundanza to ship to our house in the DR.  would we still need residency to avoid taxes and duty?  Do they transfer our stuff into containers to ship?  What kind of cost?  Thank you in advance

Using a regular Maritime shipper you need residencia.  Using barrels you can avoid this but your items don't fit into barrels so that is out.

Contact a mudanza - contacts above I believe - and ask. 

If you are shipping house contents don't expect to bypass the need for residency.  Expect to have to pay your taxes.

As Planner says... contact a mudanza.
Residency isn't an issue

You can pack them - or they will.
All the boxes go into a container for shipment...then sorted in the DR for local delivery-
box by box.

Cost will vary... the TVs have a standard 'per inch' price
Boxes typically $30-35 each

MIA and northern FLA  is on the list above

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