I am moving to KL in April. I need to find accomodation for myself and my dog. Any suggestions where the best area will be.

thanks in advance

Not sure where in "KL" you need to be (KL is just the area around KLCC and other areas are suburbs with their own name, such as Subang Jaya, Mont Kiara, Cyberjaya etc.). Dogs need to be walked on a leash in most places except for Desa Park City, which has a dog friendly park and is where dog owners from the vicinity go at the weekend.  DBKL (that the name of the council running KL/KLCC area) do allow dogs but it's up to the individual condominiums to have their own rules. Selangor is more difficult and unless living in a house, dogs are generally not permitted in condos. The weight of the dog is how condos decide whether to allow - so under about 7kg usually OK. If pet causes annoyance, can be asked to leave (which could be problematical with lease).

These articles are useful and list some condos where dogs can be kept - http://blog.wonderlist.property/condos-and-dogs/
http://www.expatgo.com/my/2016/06/09/pe … ise-in-kl/

thanks for you help.

I will be working at the Australian International School but happy to live wherever i can have my dog.

I will check those articles out :)

Gita Bayu and Bluwater are popular and in good location for the school


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