Anyone in Lugiat area? Thoughts?

I think you mean  'Lugait'     near Marawi City.   Most of us on this forum  do not have a 'death wish'   !

bob18 :

I think you mean  'Lugait'     near Marawi City.   Most of us on this forum  do not have a 'death wish'   !

Yes, but he is currently living in Detroit.

is Lugait that bad ?? J have heard of Marawai and all the fighting that was going on there, I can never understand why this groups are so free in this Country.

Yes, lugait. Just a thought as my wife's family has a lot if property there. I'm still a couple of years away from retirement. They also have property close to gingoon city, about 20 minutes from town south on the highway . I have a basic idea of the security concerns.  I'm looking as well for a lot in or around CDO as well as Dumaguete. Thanks for the replies.

I can assume you are not a Filipino citizen and you are aware that you will be purchasing any property here in in your wife's name.   At the header of this forum,  you will see 'handy tools'.   Subtitled, is a classified section which might help you with your real estate options.    Finally, you will experience no shortage of agents to help you part with your dollars for buying property here in the Philippines!

Lugait has no problem of security,  it is far from Marawi.  It is in misamis oriental.  I was there 2 weeks ago.  It is near cagayan de Oro

So after the siege on Marawi, where might all the Abu Sayyaf who escaped be hiding now?

Thank you for the input. I'm able to get my information first hand from family. I thought maybe someone lived there and had thoughts. This forum is quite interesting.

@Bob18 Most of the fighters were locals from Lanao del Sur so they hide in these areas of Lanao. For those who fled, among them Abu S, they went to Maguindanao and Zamboanga provinces. Some were able to reach Sulu and Basilan. There is no interest for them to flee to Misamis oriental which is a 99% Christian/catholic province (Higaonon and Cebuano). They will be quickly detected by the locals and army. In Lugait there was a NPA group which was into extortion activities but I don't know if it is still active.

Correct about the locals.

Geolefrench, I cannot dispute your claims of general safety in and around Lugait.  I made my comments  based solely on the geographical location of Lugait which is nearby Lanao del Sur  and nearby provinces of  Maguindanao and Zamboanga.   However, when viewing a map of this area,  the location around Lugait might be viewed as being close enough for a possible terrorist night time raid ?
I know my comments will be disputed, but I wanted to  point out to  jmc422 that in this general area of Mindanao,  criminal activity such as kidnapping for ransom is a possibility and potentially ending with one's head separated from the body is not a pleasant start for the day!

It is close to bukidnon province a very peaceful province

Thanks for the informative info. :)

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