Finding genuine non discriminating employers of Qual Eng Lang Teachers

Understandably Viet Parents want their children taught by a NES speakers (foreigners).
... trying to connect with genuine employers that WILL employ someone who does have all the credentials and be treated with respect is more than a challenge in this country.
The internet and Facebook often is a great way scammers and discriminators hide themselves and want you to present everything up front so they can pick and choose. (often in a discriminatory way)  They often are deliberately NOT Open about all information or provide confusing or unclear information begging some obvious questions.
So not wishing to discuss the preceding part as it was just an introduction.

CAN ANYONE RECOMMEND any LANGUAGE CENTER/ EMPLOYER / CONTACT / SCHOOL  who would employ someone that is Genuine and PASSIONATE about Teaching ... AND ...HAS the Required Credentials + teaching experience ...BASED on their CREDENTIALS and not Discriminate based on Personal Advantage, Appearance, Age ...etc
a) Bachelor of Education
b) ESL Teaching Certificate
c) being an NES speaker
d) holding a passport from a country where ENGLISH is the spoken Language

Have you looked at VUS, ILA, British Council? They're the top centers in Vietnam. As for discrimination and stereotypes you will have to get used to that since they are part of the Viet's culture.

After reading both your post and profile, I suspect that you are suffering from age discrimination which is a very real thing in the ESL industry in Vietnam.  As your report that you have been in Vietnam since 2014 you certainly have been employed but apparently the experience has been less than you expected.

I was 63 when I came to Vietnam and was turned down by several schools including some that interviewed me and even more that never responded at all to my application and CV.  In retrospect, I am glad some of them turned me down.  Although I did not teach for long, like you I hold a BEd which is the basic teaching credential in the US.  I was fortunate to find a school that hired me and when I left three years later, did not want me to go.  The two best teachers at this school were retired teachers, one from the US and one from AU.  Both of them worked almost exclusively in public schools because they provided the most hours in one place and because they were comfortable in that environment.  Non teachers were not and had more hours at the center.  In any interview situations, you should emphasize your potential staying power and willingness to work in one place longer than younger candidates will.  You surely have classroom management skills that can make you a valued employee.

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