Registering for state medical services in Portugal

Am trying to register with a local health centre in Oporto so that I will be able to see a doctor if needed. Has anyone been through this process and can offer some useful advice? Thanks.

You will need a fiscal number, and a social security number first

Thank you. I have a fiscal number. I then found a centro de saude that was still taking new patients and had a receptionist that spoke a little English and went from there. It seems to have worked as I have an introductory consultation set up in a few weeks time. If anyone else is attempting to do the same thing, there is a government website which has a webpage that is entitled (in Portuguese): How to apply for NHS registration if you are a foreign national. Printing this off and handing it to a receptionist at a health centre is a big help, I found. I will scan and email it to anyone who cannot find the webpage. Good luck!

Would you mind posting the link? Looked through the web site & didn't see it, obviously didn't look hard enough... Thanks. … strangeiro

This is the URL printed at the bottom of the paper copy that I was given so cannot vouch for it. Good luck.

Found it, thanks.

Here is a version that works: … strangeiro

Glad you found it. Wasn't sure if this site allowed URLs to be posted and if you would be able to view the link in its entirety. The link you posted isn't showing. No matter, you have the webpage.


Received email 're yr msg but can't find it so you will need to resend.

I was told I needed to get a Social Security number to get medical benefits. Then I went to Social Security and they said I’m not entitled to Social Security number because I don’t have a job here. Even though my husband is an EU citizen they said I’m not entitled because I’m a US citizen

Hi,  I would be most grateful if you would find the time to scan the relevant page so that my husband and I can apply for NHS medical service.
We are not yet in Portugal but intend to buy a holiday home in Albufeira so we are trying to get ourselves organised now.
Thank you for your time

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