Letter of invitation for foreign expert

Could someone please advise on how long it takes foreign affairs in Shanghai to issue a letter of invitation. It has been three weeks now and i have not heard anything.

Thank you

I am a little confused, as foreign affairs offices rarely offer letters of invitation.  They usually come from companies.

I would suggest you contact the directly and ask what the delay is.

My post was confusing,  sorry. I have a job offer, all documents  are with employer and have been translated.  They are now with foreign affairs  as I understand  it for them to issue the necessary  documents for me to obtain my z visa.

Oh. Now I see...

OK. No worries.  They will finish when they are done.  In the meantime just sit back and don't worry about a thing.  It will take some time. Especially now. As CNY (Chinese New Year) begins on 15 February.  Hopefully they will finish before CNY. So you should see some results in the next two weeks.  Otherwise, look at some time in March or April.

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