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hi Greg

Just a quick one, ever thought of Odessa region. I say this as i have retired here, although I and yourself are not permitted to buy land our wives are. Land property in the Odessa region is half the cost of Kyiv. and theirs loads for sale here, theirs loads of apartments and houses for sale, and good job prospects. from no skill to skilled, average wages in this area for semi skilled is 18,000 grivna a month. just a though/ happy hunting

Chernomorsk Odessa

Thank you for your suggestion. I visited Odessa few times in the past. I like beaches sometimes. However, my body doesnt like hot weather. I get all kinds of skin problems in hot temperature. My body function better in cool or cold temperature. By the way, what kind of job can an old guy, 63 y/o, retiree with very little Russian language ability do in Odessa? I worked in IT but as I moved up in government service, I did more managing projects and supervising staff than actual hands on work. So my IT skill is now out of date. Besides, I am too old to move computers around and crawling under desks installing equipment.  Physical work days are over because I had a spine surgery. That makes lifting things impossible.  I can speak Korean fluently besides English.

Are you doing some kind of work there?

hi there

for my self i teach English  and have several privet students, i speak a little Russian but my students are with me to learn English so i do not need to speak Russian or Ukrainian. If you cant stand hot weather then Odessa is not for you as we have 8 months on average wall to wall sun.


Me again
I just sore the last post. I have retired here, with my wife. We used to live in Odessa and moved just outside to a smaller town called Chernomorsk. We bought a new build apartment, which apart from main room floor , all is know finished. The wife has a very large house and a stack of land, but its too much to keep on top of so she is selling it. As i said in my last post i teach a little and do a little work from UK over the internet, as i am an electrical, and mechanical engineer and still find i get asked questions on how do you fix etc etc.


i am an Ethiopian .and still i am here in my country .i have a very strong passion to live in Ukraine. many  Ukrainian  women are writing to to establish a marriage with them.that is also my dream.i have also a dream of working my PHD in Ukraine universities. in my country life is very tough. i want to live a life better than here in my country.

Did you move to Krivoy Rog? My wife is from the same city and still has an apt there. We visit there sometimes. We are planning to move to Ukraine, sell the apt and move closer to Kiev. Lets get together sometime when we visit Krivoy Rog next time. Greg

Hello, everyone.  I consider myself fairly knowledgeable about Ukraine as I have been coming for a while, though I suppose I am not as knowledgeable as a true expat who lives in Ukraine full time.  I am here to seek and give advice or help, or just to hang out and socialize.  I speak Russian and I am familiar with Russian and Ukrainian culture.  When I come to Ukraine, it will be nice to hook up with fellow westerners given a lot of expats may want to meet with other fellow westerners.

Hello guys! I'm Carlos from Brazil and I want to live in Ukraine 💛💙

I really enjoyed the people and the atmosphere in the cities I've been so far (Kyiv, Lviv and Odessa).

I decided to live in Kyiv (since July) but I don't have a Visa. I overstayed in the country (92 days) and when I left the country I had to pay a fee (1700 UAH).

Now I'm living in Italy but want to open a company (I'm an IT guy) and get the temporary residence in Ukraine. The officer at the border said that I have to stay away for at least 90 days to come back, unless I get a Visa.

I would like to know what are the options that I have to get this Visa to be back before this 90 days so I can start the process to open my company ( or any other way to be legally in the country).

Any advice will be appreciated. If you guys could recommend companies/people that I can trust to help me with this issue will be very nice too!

Looking forward to be back to Ukraine asap!

Thank you and have a wonderful new year)

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