New members of the USA forum, introduce yourselves here - 2018

Good to meet you here. I will be in sydney on the 13th and was hoping to meet yall to have a little mert and greet and also re invent one of our ild programs called GREETINGS FROM ABROAD. Please let me know if this ok and hall can participate

Hi there!

The wife and I are looking to open a boutique hotel/restaurant/bar. We’ll be there again in November and will be looking to make a move before the spring. The link below is a video about us and a food trailer we had open for 8 years

My name is Simon. I hope that I got much data and knowledge of many things and also the information and other kind of the threads mentioned at the forum.

Hi your welcom in here , im from charlotte nc looking for new friends

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Welcome friend 😊

hi guys, i have been in FL for about 4 months now after bringing my business to USA. Its been a challenge trying to get everything in place but nearly there :)

if i can be of any help to anyone, please let me know.

best wishes


Hi please can you just tell me what kind business you had , I'm  electrician if you need any help we can work together thkx

You are welcome in charlotte . Im electrician If you need any help thank you

Hi you welcom in here . Im Hicham from charlotte nc usa you welcom any time. peace for you

Hey all,

I am looking for advice as I am wanting to move to USA. My 6 year old son has dual nationality and I am married to an American citizen. However we are separated. I would like to move there so my son can know all of his family there and to see if my marriage can be saved. I am not sure if this is possible.

that is my story :)

Yes its possible if you still marrieds to your husband but if not you have to wait for your son till he get 18y old , and then he can apply for your green card as a mother

How do I make it happen now then? I am currently doing my degree but would love to apply for jobs there once I finish. Is it a possible dream?

Yes you can good luck

Hello everyone, This Lisa how are you all?

I run a goalkeeper (soccer) business :)

We doing well , what about  you

My name is Marcelo Sarmiento and y live in New York
Best regards

Hi Raghava here currently living in India, Planning to movie OH, USA.

Hi all.  Thanks for the open invite.  I’m gonna look around a bit then I’ll post some boring stuff about me.

Hello everyone. I'm from the Philippines and looking for a Filipino community here in Colorado. I've been to Muscat and found a great group of friends from this website as well. I don't know how long i will be staying here but wants to explore the states more. Cheers!

Good morning all, I'm new to Expat. Pleasure meeting ya'll

Hi my name is Mahdi Abdullahi currently living in working in Boston Massachusetts, I have a plan to visit Salalah Oman soon, if there is anyone from Oman please keep in touch , I needed some information, thanks


I moved in Philadelphia three weeks ago for work.

I did my intership in Houston so it is not my first US experience but Philly looks very different than Houston.

So far looking to meet people around Philly :D


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Hello everybody

I am Rafael. I am from Colombia, I am planning to move to Pasadena California and start a new business teaming up with my wife. I am going through E-2 Visa process. Some help and advice for this process would be really appreciated.


I'm a Slovak and moved to USA recently for business purposes, my aims to build a family here also

I'm a native Californian teacher and reporter currently in Sacramento. I was born in Anaheim (a mile from Disneyland) and have lived about 25 locations all over the state, including Los Angeles, Hermosa Beach, San Luis Obispo, Arcata,  Oroville (near the current fires)--and Sacramento, where I covered the capitol for KPFA Radio and now live.  I also taught in Taiwan for a few years and am tapped into the Chinese community here.

I'm confident I can offer a reasonably accurate a perspective on the politics and culture of the state should anyone be interested.

Cheers! Shawn

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