New members of the USA forum, introduce yourselves here - 2018

Hi all,

Newbie on the USA forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in the USA if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

I've lived in Australia for 5 years where I completed a Masters in Marketing and worked for 3 years. Now I'm looking at a new chapter, and for an opportunity to go to LA =)

Hello everyone,
I am George Fowell and I am glad that I found something relevant to me.

Hi all. I'm a Nigerian. I just moved to Chicago. I'm actually a student... I want to make friends with people in Chicago and neighbouring cities.

Hello everyone,
I am David from Ohio. Nice to meet everyone here!

Hi. I'm south african looking to relocate to the United States. I'm in the field of finance. Is there anyone in south Africa that's living in the USA at the moment?

Hi everyone,
I was born in Taiwan, but live in USA (working).
I enjoyed making friends.
I'm on baseball team & cooking club.
Thanks for reading this message.

Hi,Every one i am from India.
Visited 7 States in USA but looking into ways to move there.
Mostly EB4 Special Religious VISA Information

Sweet and tender 2018 to all of you!!
My name is Fatuma. I am 44years old, single, no children. I'm living and working in Brussels for a regional administration. I currently work as an administrative assistant. I have one bachelor degree in Law and one bachelor degree in public relations. In the past I worked as a PR consultant and journalist. I want to relocate to Phoenix, Arizona as soon as I find a job there. I plan to visit Phoenix around the end of 2018 - beginning of 2019. In the meantime I'm also searching for a job that would send me anywhere in the USA. I'm open to do any kind of jobs (administrative or manual) once in the US and after five years at the most retrain as a lawyer there.
Belgian cheers from Brussels

Hi There,

My name is Sandra and i'm a lawyer who is looking to move to USA. I am not sure whether I will sit the bar and continue my profession or find something new. Glad to know I am not alone on this journey.

Newbie here! Moved to New York last November. I'm a writer sharing my observations, thoughts, experiences via my blog, which is in the directory. Would love to see you there - and hear your comments about your own experiences. It's a great city - there's a lot to write about!


Hello there,
My name is Zhamal and I just moved to Chicago, IL from Canton, NY. IN 2013 I moved to the USA from Kyrgyzstan. Currently, I am a full-time student, studying the healthcare management.

Hello, My name is Abner from Cameroon
Have a Bachelor degree from France in System and Network Administration, and also have a Cisco certification (CCNA Routing..)
Move to US (MAryland) 8mo ago.
Really not comfortable in English, looking for an entry-level position.
work in a warehouse...
Plan to move  to Virginia or Arizona (Tucson)...

Hi, I just signed up.
I am Melvin, a Singapore citizen but also a US permanent resident. I've been in the US since 1992; when I first went off to college in Tempe, AZ (ASU), then to Miami, FL for my MBA (FIU) and finally settled in North Carolina where I am working full-time now.

The reason for signing up is to help with advice for anyone hoping to move to the US for school or work, and specifically help with challenges faced by Singaporean students hoping to go to US colleges or professionals looking to begin their careers in America.

Hello all,

My name is Peterson and I live in California. I am pleased to know this platform as it enables me to meet new friends as well as share what I do to help a soul or make an extra coin.

I help companies and students with projects, online classes, content and/or blog writing. Just feel free to contact me if you need help with such. I am a cool and fair  guy

Hi everyone, my name is Gwyn and I'm looking at buying a small furniture restoration business in Colorado Springs. I love the outdoor life (hiking, off orad motorcycle riding, snow boarding, fishing etc) and working with my hands and after many visits to the area,  this seems the ideal location to move to.

If anyone has any advice on the E2 business plan (samples ideally) I'd be very grateful.

Many thanks

I could help you write one with your own specifications, DM me

Hi everyone, my name is Kate and I moved from Germany to Chicago about a year ago. I share my experience of being the Expat Partner on my website *** and hope to expire other Expats out there.

If anyone in the Chicago area wants to meet just text me. I always love to meet new people!

I am interested in different cultures, I love to take pictures on my travels and on weekends you will find me in one of these great museums Chicago has to offer.

Let's get in touch, Kate

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I'm from Morocco, I moved two years ago to Boston,Ma, I'm looking forward to meeting new female friends.

look forward to make male friends

I'm from Egypt and recently moved to LA, California. Looking to meet new friends both gender.

Hi Guys,

I'm from India, and travelling to Redwood Shores(CA) in May-2018 for 2 weeks.
Any good places to visit nearby any suggestions.

Hello, all -

My name is Allan and I am a documentary photographer from Indiana.  I have been fortunate to travel to and photograph in Mongolia twice so far and will be traveling to Mongolia again for two weeks in September of this year (2018).

Hi i'm mozambian i AM planing to visit usa se can chance ideas

Hi, I am a Liberian living in Texas.

Hi, I'm Jan.
I am an entrepreneur and IT consultant from Norway who is looking to move to USA - San Diego, LA, Las Vegas or Henderson, NV. I'd like to get in touch with people who have made the move to USA on an H1B visa or EB5 or L1 or E2 visa and done so with a limited budget. Something along the lines of move first, build a company upon arrival.
I am also interested in connecting with local business people regarding business opportunities (No scammers please...).


I am from Brazil, moved to Michigan - USA a couple of years ago. Really love it here!

Hi, I moved (escaped) from the United States to Puerto Rico (ok still a US Territory).  I am trying to set up a business and live a healthy life.

My friends call me a contrarian, having discovered most things in life are the opposite of what we are told.  :)

I enjoy learning other cultures and other ways of doing things.

Any way I can assist, please let me know!

Moved to US from ex USSR 27 years ago and love it since then. Lived in Armenia, Russia, Ukraine. We were in high tech before, now my hubby open an Eastern European Grocery store in Cary (Golden Hex) so we had moved into a different direction in term of career.


Living in Woodstock, Georgia, my partner is English, looking to meet any South Africans in the area.  Been here on/off over the last 2 years.

I am from Seattle, living in Peru and am moving back to Seattle. I am hoping to get connected with some Spanish speakers in Seattle who may want to live with an English speaker from Seattle so that we can help each other with language. Please let me know if you have any ideas about how to get connected with people for language exchange living.


I'm Claudio, Health and Relationships Coach from Switzerland. I'm going to move to Princeton New Jersey this year and would love to find French speaking friends or simply friends to share the passion of natural health, spirituality and anything that could contribute to the reconciliation of us all, humans in this world.

Hi, I am Younes from Morocco. I am 22 years old. I want to immigrate to America because it is the land of dreams. But the project I want to build is to open a Moroccan restaurant there and to expand my restaurant and make it famous all over America. But I have problems. First, I need someone to help me. And get US citizenship and start my project I hope you help me

Hi There!  I'm Cathy. I was born in France, but been living in the US for the past 20 years.  I'm considering moving to Merida, Yucatan, for a few years, I'm looking for friendly & interesting contacts in Merida. Any practical "tips" would be welcome!  :-)
Thank you!

My name is Ryan Forster

Hi all I am new here, Hoping to get all what i desire.


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Hi, I'm john from Kenya, I'm looking for a chance to play football abroad and in the USA if possible. I'm currently playing for my college and we're the current champions in the league and we've won 2 trophies so far. If there's any chance to play football anywhere in the world, I'm open for any. Thanks.

Hi its Amorn here. Currently live in US. Planning to move back home Thailand in a few years as early retirement.

Hello - we may be moving to Houston later this year. Will be looking for tips on housing and living, generally.

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