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Hi all,

Newbie on the Switzerland forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Switzerland if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Good day to all of you.

My name is Scott and I'm a South African. As this is my first post on this forum, i do ask forgiveness if i cross the line at any point.

While i love my parents and country its unfortunately gotten to the point where i need to think of the future for my 8 year old son. Last week one of our olympic Triathletes leg was almost amputated with a chainsaw ( … ngi-gwala/), on a route i regularly ride for hill repeats.

Another cyclist was stabbed to death for his bike ( … k-20180313) and these are but the most recent of events in a country that is not looking after its people.

This does not even start to touch on the Land issue currently in our country. So as a father i need to think what can i provide for my son to have a future.

In this regard my girlfriend and I are saving to fly over to Switzerland next year over easter, spend some time in the area, catch a train through to Belgium, spend some time there and then go to The Nederlands, run in the Rotterdam Marathon and then fly back. We are hoping that spending a few days in each country might give us a better idea of where it is that we would want to immigrate to.

So i guess really I'm asking for help on the following:
1) Do you think this is a wise option or would there be a different approve you would take if it was you?
2) For those that have Immigrated, what advice can you offer?

Thank you Kindly in advance

I am Anna and moved from.Italy to Lausanne 1month ago.
I would like to meet people, sharing interest and experience and get new friendship
You know, after a so big change you restart from scratch and it is important for me having good human contacts

I like music, art, books and I am always curiois in discovering new interests
So if you want to go out for a beer or a coffee as well as art exhibitions, concerts let's go!

Hi Scott
Wish you and your family to find a solution as soon as possible
Well I can give my point of view as immigrate here in Switzerland, joined 1 month ago
To be honest, it is a bit complicated to have a balanced impression of a new country just in a couple of days. Maybe a first sensation yes

Concerning Switzerland the adv I could give is to move if you have a job here. The cost of life is high, you have to pay for almost everything (healt, civil responsibility, etc) so it is difficult to live without a good salary
For the rest I think this is really a country where a family can live with a very good quality of the life and build the future of children in a safe and healty environment
I wish you all the best

I'm Alexis from Argentina and I will be starting my  Physics PHD on May at UNIGE.
I'm searching for acomodation for the month of May and maybe for a longer period .

Hi, I'm Francis from the UK. Originally from India and now a British citizen employed close to London. there is a possibility that I move to Bern on an employment assignment. A member of the group gave me assurances that weather wise it's not much different from the UK. I'd like to know which canton should I look for residence closer to Bern (say about 30mins travel by car/train) which is safe and lower in taxes. Thanks for the help in advance.

Hi all

Im 8 months new to Lausanne - live in Aubonne - relocated from Dubai and although enjoying Switzerland and its beauty - its damn cold!!! Hoping to network with likeminded  professional and cultured folk!

Hi all!
Originally from Ghana but working and studying in Lausanne. Outgoing person and love meeting new people, discovering new places and activities.

Hi everyone, I'm an Aussie expat who moved to Geneva, Switzerland circa 2008

My partner is Swiss, and in the last ten years I learned quite a bit about the place; I really enjoyed the last 20 or so years living and working around Europe and being asked all the time why in the heck I left Australia to live in Europe. Grass/greener? No, not really, but the sky seems to be a different shade of blue. Odd things to notice, but there you go.

I could probably answer a few questions about Sydney, Australia as well.

PS to the Italian in Lausanne, go to a pub called the Etoile Blanche. Vibrant place, you probably already know it, and it's wall to wall people just like you: expats.

Soon I am moving with family from Slovenia to Switzerland this July. I will be living in  Nyon.
I was expat in Slovenia for 5 years.
Would love to meet other young expat families

I am Samiah. I am from Mauritius and thinking of moving to Switzerland. I am searching for work there and I would like some advice and guidance. I am also considering applying for my masters. I am a French and English speaker.

I would love to know more of others experience in this country.

Hi there, I am dhina and currently living in Singapore but originally from Philippines. I will be migrating there on December to be together with my husband who is a local.  it would be nice if i can make some friends now so if i move there on December i already knew someone. Feel free to message me. And by the way, i will be staying in Zurich.. So if any of you guys lives in Zurich, can we be friends.. Thank you.. :)

hey all

iam riman , palastenian and a speech therapist .. speak 3 languages fluently arabic english and hebrew .. thinking seriously about moving to work in switserland .. anyone can help ? or anyone have an idea about how to find work in ( speech therapy , traslation, ) im a girl with skills in beauty field also arab beauty , cooking .. thanks

Hello all!
I am Jennica, an expat currently working in Heerbrugg. I actually came here in Switzerland last January, but I only learned about this expat community last month. I love travelling very much, and I hope to meet people with the same interest too!

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Hello everyone.

I have been coming to swiss since 2008 as I do have a daughter that is swiss and lives in Lausanne. I am now living in Lausanne. Looking forward to connect with people that share same interests. I like yoga, meditation and music, I do play trumpet and guarani xamanic flute. Look forward find new connections. I am also looking for a job. I so speak fluent portuguese, French, English and Indonesian... Cheers to all and thanks

Hi Guys,
My name is Nathaelle,I'm newly arrived in Switzerland.I was in London previously.
I am living in Montreux.
I would like to meet new people,to share some coffee with  or travelling accross Switzerland.
I love music,latin dance and food (especially cheese).
I look foward to reading you.Cheers!

Hello all! 

We are an American family that has been living in the Zurich area for the past 5 years.  I am a teacher with 20 years experience and am changing directions by starting my own company helping new expat families have a positive transition.  My focus will be on education, cultural differences, helping to find resources and figuring out daily life in a new country.

Please get in touch if you are interested in similar topics.


My name is Laurent and I will move to Biel/Bienne next month.
I am interested to meet expats in Biel or Bern, in order to exchange experiences and facilitate my integration in Switzerland.
I have expats experiences in Latin America, USA, Europe and Middle-East.
Please send me any advices for the Biel or Bern region (where to live, associations/clubs, ...etc).
I greatly appreciate your support in that new stage!
Very best regards,

Hi All,

thx for having me accepted into this forum.
Not only I’m an “Oldie” by age, I’m also an Oldie-Expat in Switzerland. My greatest desire is to share my experience from having been, until recently, a Senior Relocation Consultant in Basel. Having lived in various countries outside my native Germany, I think to have to good sense for the needs of new expats as well as those thinking to follow an expat route.
Please don’t hesitate contacting me with any type of assistance you may be in need off.


Thanks Paul.
I should settle in Biel 1st week of September, so we will be in touch hopefully.
Very best regards,


I have been living in Bern for almost three years now, I moved here from Dublin to start a PhD in Geochemistry. I found it difficult to leave Dublin, but I have truly fallen in love with Switzerland and it has become my new home. I hope to stay here for a little longer after I finish my studies :)

I integrated myself quite well in Switzerland, although most expats who I have spoken to have not had such an easy time. The Swiss can be a little reserved, and it is difficult to bond with people outside of work. My advice is to learn the language and the dialects as much as possible, and to join some clubs where you will have a common interest with some people. This will make bonding easier! Also, many clubs in Switzerland are English speaking. Just be patient, the Swiss people are lovely once you give them a chance/ they give you a chance!

Edel :)

Thanks a lot for your feedback!
I am moving next week to Biel.
Very best regards and hope to meet you in Switzerland!

Data Scientist currently based in UK but always looking for contracts and maybe contacts within Switzerland.

Anything else like business opportunities also intriguing....

My name is Jordi Veytia I'm an industrial designer from Mexico City. I recently moved to Switzerland to study a masters degree on product design at ÉCAL in Lausanne.

Hello all,
This is Anya. I hail from India and have lived in the Netherlands for a few years. I will be moving to Switzerland (Sierre) next month for employment. While I speak German (Level B1), I do not understand any French. Coincidently, I will be living in the French-speaking area.

What I am looking for is a shared apartment with other employed people or students (preferably PhD. students), but I am unable to find a dedicated website where I can search for the shared apartments in Sierre Region. I will take any help offered, any link sent. It will amazing if you live in Sierre in a shared apartment and have a free space. I like reading, dancing and going out on the weekends for jogging to just strolling in a park.

Hello All,

I'm a Belgian guy having worked in an international set-up with lot of travelling. I'll be working in Zurich as a consultant (Cognizant [link moderated] for at least 6 months.

I'm passionate about food/wine. Thai is my favorite cuisine and hope to enjoy my stay.

In addition, I'm "reading" (more listening to audio books) thrillers books.

Maybe we'll come across one day!


Hello All!!!

Hope all is well.

I am currently working and living in Dubai United Arab Emirates for six years now as Restaurant Hostess to Secretary/Personal Assistant to Admin/ Office Manager.

My partner has been relocated to Switzerland and would love to find my opportunity as well  hopefully to find a job.

Although I do not have any German or French knowlwdge at all but I am very eager to learn  study the German language.

Would appreciate your advice or suggestions as a Filipino I do need visa to travel to Switzerland.

So im here right now as tourist and will do so every now and then and staying with my partner in Zurich.  Hopefully to meet wonderful ad friendly people here.))))

Thanks and regards to all)))

Hi Everyone,

I'm an American who recently relocated with my wife so she could complete her PhD. We're currently living in Lausanne. If anyone is interested in meeting up let me know!


Im joy ,am currently living in wettingen kinda close to zurich pobabaly 10minutes by filipino somehow am kinda looking for filipino people to meet coz its quite hard to find friends hier

thank you everybody am happy be here

Hello everyone!
My name is Franco and I'm currently living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'm really looking forward to move to Switzerland, the country my grandparents where born. I could really use useful information about hows living up there. My idea was to move to the Canton of Vaud, specifically Laussane. Is it easy to find a job in Swizterland? I can speak very basic French and Italian but I'm not a fluent speaker, is there any problem for me to develop in English?
Thanks for reading and I hope I can be helpful for someone else too!

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