New members of the Spain forum, introduce yourselves here - 2018

Hi all,

Newbie on the Spain forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Spain if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hola a todos!

I've been living in Madrid for the past couple of years but had no time to properly learn the language or make friends.
The time has come !!

If anyone would like to have tea, hot chocolate, wine, a good laugh, walk through Retiro, pet unsuspecting doggies, etc... let me know!

Also, if anyone knows of any free and/or affordable Spanish classes, please let me know! Greatly appreciate it and looking forward to new friendships :)


I'm Toni, a Filipina currently residing in Sevilla. My husband works for the US Air Force in Moron and I joined him in Spain last December 28th.
I'm still trying to discover and get to know Spain. So far, I'm in love with the culture. Everything is so similar to home as the Philippines were once part of the Spanish Empire.
I'm looking forward to learning Spanish and learning the history of Spain. I love history, culture, museums, books and strength training.
Gracias. Hasta luego!

hi Melia
I too am in Madrid --  Lavapies.
La Casa Encendida offers free Spanish Classes
Escuela de Idiomas  ( there are many throughout the city) offers year long classes a for less than 200 euro/yr

I'm Maria... currently living in Madrid.  I am looking to relocate to Valencia later this year.
I'm 61 and just enjoying living abroad.  I am getting ready for the first renewal of my non lucrativa Visa  -----  open to any suggestions/info

Would love any info on: inexpensive money transfer from the states   and   finding someone to explain ( and if need be ) file Spanish taxes for me.


Hi We are Dave & Christine, two Brits who have lived in Australia for a long time and who are seriously thinking of moving to Estepona as we have visited several times and love it there.  We are both retired and are heading to Estepona for seven weeks from mid March to find out as much as we can about moving there.  This Forum seems to have heaps of information,  but we would also love to be able to meet up with some fellow expats to say hello and to hear about their resettlement experiences.
Many thanks in advance.

We’re just starting to explore the idea of moving to Spain. We’re semi retired and in need of a change. I teach Pilates and am hoping I could continue perhaps in a tourist resort area. I’m completely without any knowledge regarding work visas for US citizens. We have an 11 year old son. Can anyone share some stories about how their own children did with a move to Spain. So many questions... but I’ll do some reading on the forums first. Cheers, Anaka

hello everybody. i am new. i need a handyman at my home, i posted on here but it disappeared.

Hi everyone,

@Dagmar Grunwald welcome to, you should post an advert in the  Job in Spain section of the section.

Thank you


Thank you Christopher

I will try and find section of section and make the listing. I have to take my rabbit to the vets first.

Finally all of our planning is coming to fruition as we leave from Tampa Florida on a 12 month adventure in Valencia Spain on March 7th of this year.  My wife and I plan to travel Europe one country at a time while being based in Valencia.  My daughter will also take advantage of our time in Valencia to enroll in some summer semester college classes at Florida State’s campus in Valencia.  While we look forward to immersing ourselves in the Spanish culture, we would welcome meeting other expats residing in Spain during our year there March 2018 - February 2019.

Hello , Did you find a handyman? What sort of work do you need doing ? As I maybe able to help

Hi Dave will send message :heart: Don't want to break any rules :D

Dagmar Grunwald :

Hi Dave will send message :heart: Don't want to break any rules :D

This topic is for introductions only please! Indeed please use the PM system to talk with other members.

Thank you
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New here and looking for new friends Alicante or near.

New here and seriously considering immigrating to Spain. I have a South African passport which is a minor issue.


My name is Elisabeth. I'm a language teacher, self employed. We moved a couple of months ago to Spain, ( Murcia) from the Netherlands.
I would like to learn/practice Spanish with language exchange. If  you want to learn/practice English/German/Dutch, pls. contact me  :) .
Many thanks in advance.

Hi everyone and welcome to Expat.Com

@ Elisabeth, feel free to drop an advert in the Murcia classifieds under the Language exchange section. It will get you some more views.

All the best,

Hello all, I moved last year in june 2017 to Spain, Cardedeu - Barcleona.
I am from Germany, languages are german, english and right now i learn catalan as i life in the beautiful area of catalunya.
If you visit Barcleona or plan to move to catalunya feel free to contact me.

Kind regards

Hola todos

My husband and i are living in UK and are hoping to live in a warm, sunny climate for our health and our morale. I am an American, my husband is British. We are looking for a place that suits us both climatewise  (he is adamant about very mild winters and moderate summer temperatures) and currently we think that the northern Costa Blanca fits a lot of our criteria and now we are  trying to find a spot to concentrate on that fits our small budget and still offers us what we want.

My husband speaks more Spanish than I ,but i am fluent in Italian and hope that total immersion in Spain will help me switch to Spanish quickly. We find the sea lovely but being near the beach is not a priority. Being in a place with amenities like markets, cafes, community life and public transport so we can see more of Spain are what is important to us. Any pointers on where to get a good compromise on weather and price of a flat or bungalow would be most welcome.

Websites talk up Moraira . Any other spots more economical ? Thanks!

hola, I recommend Cardedeu, perfect clima, 45 min per Train to Barcelona, 20min per car to the beach at Mataro, 1:45min to Gosol our favorite place in the pyrenees. Lot of  People over here speak english, some german and all Spanish but i recommend catala as the local languag. As you speak italian it will be easy to learn and communicate with catalans.

very nice village, 5 naturla Food stores, Supermarkts and local products, lots of activities for families and so on. you will also see lot of Kids and Dogs and very friendly People.

Kind regards

Hello everyone,

I'm looking forward to spending time on the forum while I plan our exit from the UK to Spain. Can happily talk all day about Technology, motorcycles & wine but cant add any value if sports knowledge is required.


Hi you speak spanish could do with spanish lessons..   :D x

Hi I am new here! I am Lula and I am coming in two weeks in Barcelona, it'll be my first step to move here for good :)

I am moving alone so i am a little bit affraid but i feel tha people are friendly here

The only thing in life I will regret..are the risks I didn't spain here I come..


My name is Shane and my family and I are moving from California to the Las Palmas, GC in July for two years. We've got the school picked for the kids and are nearly done with all the Visa preparation. Lots more to go. =)


Myself and my partner are moving to Benalmadena this coming Saturday and will be taking over a snack bar/café shortly thereafter. We first visited the area last year and just loved it so we are very excited to move across and get involved with everything.

Hope some of you will pay us a visit once we're fully operational  :D

Buenas!! :) I joined a few years ago as I was fortunate enough to visit Spain a few times & was planning to relocate to Seville. Some life stuff happened & I was unable to move, but I am hoping this will be the year! I grew up in Canada, but have a bit of a mixed background & speak Spanish, English, French & Italian. Mostly hoping to make some friends & learn more about life in Seville (& Spain in general). I look forward to exploring the expat site again & meeting everyone! Please feel free to send me a message. :) Hasta luego!!


My name is Frank and my wife is Mary. We are both in our sixties, fit, healthy and very active. We currently live in Welling  a suburb of Greater London. We have decided to research the possibility to live for 6 months (October to March) in the Canary Islands. Maybe this will become permanent.

We have no knowledge of the expat communities, the Spanish population or any of the Islands apart from a few holidays some 30 years ago.  We are looking to make a wide circle of friends and engage with cultural way of life on the islands.

Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.

Hello, my name is Aly and I live in Orlando. I have been considering exploring Spain as well. I would love to hear how your family handles the transition and also about the schooling. My daughter is in her 2 year and has mentioned wanting to go with me if I choose to go.

Please share what you have encountered.

Thank you and safe travels,



My husband has been accepted to a Masters program in Valencia, Spain, so we are hoping to get all the many little pieces of paperwork together and move there for a year! I have so many questions, and we have so much to do to make this happen.

I'm glad I found this community and hope to be on the other side soon, answering questions for people looking to move!


hello ,
moving to Cordoba ,Andalusia sometime soon.looking forward to the new experience.

dear community, I am located in Barcelona, work mostly online (psychologist and psychotherapist) and have been asked to offer workshops in other areas too. I would love to settle down a bit (I've started individual and couples sessions in my BCN office already) and will be super happy to learn about your needs and am open to suggestions concerning workshops e.g. in Valencia and/or Alicante area (couples/relationships, stress management, anxiety, birth and conscious parenting).

love, Karina

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Das ist eine super Idee! Ich wünsche Dir viel Erfolg! Arbeitest Du auch mit Hypnose? Ich interessiere mich sehr für Therapien über Hypnose?
Viele Grüße

@Oliver > can you please write in English in this English speaking forum so that everyone can undersand and help you? Thank you

oh sorry yes I will

reitero :

Das ist eine super Idee! Ich wünsche Dir viel Erfolg! Arbeitest Du auch mit Hypnose? Ich interessiere mich sehr für Therapien über Hypnose?
Viele Grüße

As it´s an english speaking Froum, also in english:
That's a great idea! I wish you great success! Do you also work with hypnosis? I am very interested in therapies for hypnosis?

best wishes


Hi. I will be moving to La Gomera by end if the year. My partner has a property already but we need to finish building inside. But in order for me to move I would love to know about other British people living on the island. What you do for work and life in general.

Morning All.  My wife and I have almost completed the purchase of a house in Llanca - we complete on 12/04/18.  We need to open a bank account and wondered which bank you'd recommend.  Are there any other expats in the area?

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