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Hi all,

Newbie on the Seychelles forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in the Seychelles if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hi Everyone,

In the next couple of weeks I will be moving to Mahe Island to work in one of the 5 star hotels at the Beau Vallon Beach. Been working in hospitality for about 10 years, 5 of which Managing the Spa team. Have many things I'd still like to learn, as I've never been to Seychelles. And very excited about meeting other expats and making new friends.

Wishing you a healthy and happy day!


Hi Everyone,

Ill be traveling to the main island in early July to work aboard the yachts. I have great experience as a divemaster and am underway completing my RYA yacht master. I would need to rent a flat for two for the month of July as well. I am excited for this new adventure and to learn about everything when it comes to the islands

Thank you,


Thanks alot for these opportunity,
I have got good experience about aviation industry and in particular in-flight catering both Nairobi and also in Qatar for Qatar Airways.I have a desire to go to Seychelles and continue on the same industry.Whoever can guide me I will appreciate.
Thank you again.

Hi all, I am looking to move with my family of 6 total including myself. I don't know how we found out about Seychelles but I can't let it go. Am I looking at a good place? Anyone living there now to discuss the life? Anyone interested in meeting a new family?


Dear all

Shyam from India, a commerce graduate having experience in Finance, Accounts, Marketing, Logistics, Administration (were in GCC & Nigeriaa - Oil & Gas, Construction, IT, FMCG, Manufacturing, Trading etc)

Seeking for a position in Seychells.

Thanks for giving chance to write here

Hi everyone, am Lindy, am Seychelloise born but was raised in France from a very young age and was naturalized French. I have move back to Seychelles in 2011 at the age of 38 and I'm leaving here since. I am not a real expatriate but feel like that.
I am married, have two daughters and we live in the North part of Mahé.
I came back to Seychelles the first time on vacation in 2007 and since then I wanted to move back. Life in Seychelles is easy if you love the green environment, sandy white beaches, a none stressful life. It can be a bit challenging at time, and everything extremely expensive but we love living here.
What I don't like here, there are no activities for children (teenagers) no cultural life, the expensiveness of everything sometimes so exaggerated.
Will be happy to meet new people.


Hello Lindy!  :D
My name is Charlene, I'm currently in South Africa and moving there in a few weeks. God blessed me with a great job! I appreciate your honesty about life being a bit expensive there. Does it make a difference if one earns in Dollars? I have a few questions that I would love if you can answer:
1.I don't have a license, can I apply for an International one once I am in Seychelles and how easy is it to get one, do they have driving tests?
2. How expensive/cheap are cars there
3.I was told I will be getting SCR12000 housing allowance, I am looking to move into a 1 bedroom fully furnished for now. Will that be reasonable?
4. The cinema! How current are the movies there
5.Any night clubs / night life?

Thanks a mil for your post and looking forward to your reply!

Hi, I just saw your message, if you are already in Seychelles, we will be happy to meet you.


Dear Charlene,

I am sure you are going to love being here, you will have some frustration, will feel home sick at times but the beauty of the island will make you forget all this.

Life is expensive here no matter the currency. Exchange rate for dollars is now 14.20, it is going up a little bit.

1. In regards to the license, you can apply for one, I have just started mine, the theory is quite easy, you have to pay 100Scr to register and they have sessions every weeks. The test is one hour. Once you have theory, it is valid for 2 years. You get a learner's book and you can search for an instructor, pls be careful when you look for instructor, ask people around you because some of them are really bad, crooks, you have to be careful and do not hesitate to ask them questions.

2. Car are extremely expensive even second hands, sometimes it's better to by a new car than buy a second hand. I think it is the only country where you can sell you second hand car same price you bought it. You can have a small Hyundai I10 of 7years for 120/170k Scr.

3. 12k housing allowance is very good, you can find a one bedroom house easily for this price. Then it depends where you wish to stay, town and North of Mahé are very expensive areas. Then again you have to ask people around you, locals who work with you. You might get lucky :)

4. There is one cinema in Victoria, it operate everyday as from 6/7pm during the week and 3pm weekends. Ticket cost 75Scr and you have new movie every Friday and it stays on for a week.

5. Seychelles is not reputed for its nightlife. There is only one night club now in Seychelles and it is call Barrel it is in Victoria, I will not advise you to go there alone, better to go with locals.
Otherwise you have 3 Casinos, and few nice bars where you can have good time. You have a bar called Level 3 near the docks, they have Karaoke and music until 3AM. There are few places on Eden Island Chatterbox (Café/Bar), Boardwalk(Bar/Food - DJ), Ice & Fire (Bar with DJ, open til 5AM).

Some small advise, once you get your GOP go do your Seychellois ID card, you will need it for license and it allows you to get resident rates for flight and ferries to Praslin and La Digue for example and other things.

Please feel free to contact me  should you wish to have more info.


Hi Juleo
Nice being on this forum. Just joined but don't know how to start. I want to move to Seychelles for a job of teaching in a primary school. Any help will be appreciated.

Hi Kalute Titus and welcome to the forum,

You may post your detailed CV in the Jobs in the Seychelles section.
Potential employers can view your profile and contact you if they are interested

Best of luck.
Anas, team :)

Hello my name is vivian lemeh i am looking for work in the hospitality industry as a hostess , public relations officer, customer service,  front office reception, nanny, housekeeping,  i can multi task , and make good impact on the company
Thank you
Vivian lemeh

Hi thanks for the warm welcome.

I'm looking for a job in Seychelles, appreciate if you could share some job portals in Seychelles for new job seekers.



Hi... I'm new to the site and looking forward to visit Seychelles next year for 2 weeks. I would appreciate if you can help me to make my visit worth while and suggest places to go at the same time cheap hotel rooms or apartments to stay in. Thanks and looking forward for your help and guidance guys. ;)

New to this site and a 1st time traveller from Ghana. Coming to the Seychelles to take up a job position soon (Actually I arrive in Seychelles after noon on 15thDec18). I will appreciate someone can help to make my visit worth while also looking to make some new friends out there.

As an expat can we start some home base work in Seychelles. Like craft or cooking.

Hi I am presently living near Cape Town up the West Coast in South Africa. I am concidering relocating my family to the Seychelles
We would like to either purchase or build a Bed and Breakfast business and get involved in tourism in the Seychelles.
I am presently running a small Website design and online marketing business here in SA that I can manage from anywhere as long as I have an internet connection where ever we end up settling in.

My wife is a hairdresser who works presently with an elite select client list

I am 52 and my wife 48  years of age and my Children are teenagers so we are looking to set up a lifestyle that can carry us into retirement with tourist based anuity.

I would appreciate wisdom, guidence or assitance to find out more information about the process and what property options are available there as well as where is the best place in the Seychelles to set up etc.

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