New members of the Saudi Arabia forum, introduce yourselves here - 2018

Hello all,

I'm a new member here in expat, and I'm from Saudi Arabia ( Jeddah). I was living in the USA for a while, and I know how it feels to live in a foreigner country that is totally different from your own.

So, if you need help or have any question don't hesitate to ask. Okay! :)

hi Ana,

i,m also new to this platform but living here in KSA since 2010. i really dont now what to say to live abroad make me feel like prison.

Hello there! I'm new in Jeddah, I just arrived last month and still trying to get to know the place. I lived and worked in Dubai before and there's a huge difference between the two cities, though I love the quietness of Jeddah and miss the crowd of people in Dubai. I'm still trying to find ways to entertain myself besides watching movies. In Dubai I swim in Jumeirah beach, and I'm hoping to find a beach here like Jumeirah. I'm looking for new friends to hand out with, and find activities that can kill boredom besides swimming, running and having a cup of coffee. Thanks for reading and hoping to meet nice people here.

Hola chicos y chicas :D

hello Erika, welcome to expat group

Iam Ahmad From Jordan living in Khobar I am interested to have new friends and iam  ready to help anybody coming to khobar or Dammam

welcome to khobar for any help i am ready

Hiya my name is amira I am orginaly from Somali but I grew up in England, sorry but where Khobar located to?

Saudi Arabai eastern province

Charityveronica :
dobaa :
Charityveronica :

Hi , I am Veronica been here for a month, in Jeddah.

Hi Veronica, Welcome to the kingdom :-)

hi thank you. going to move to Riyadh next month. :)

Welcome to Riyadh.  let me know if you need any help in Riyadh. :-)

nice to know u dear nasreen

hello r u from yamin?
I need ur one help if u can do

Hi I'm Davide from Italy, I live and work in Riyadh.

I'm a sport coach.

Looking for friends... 😉

Hello ! This is Saqib from Eastern Province

Hi all.
I am Ahmed Saeed Losar, currently working as a lecturer in a University in Majmaah, Riyadh.

Hi My name is Abdulrahman and I was born and raised in Jeddah, so I know many things here I can be your guide here if you need any thing just let me know,love networking and making new friends also any kind of sport I'd love to share with you guys I love meeting new ppl from different culture.
If you have any question just ask me and I'll be glad to help you. peace

Hello! :)

Good morning to everyone!
I arrived in Riyadh about 9 months ago but I found this forum only recently.
I'm from Italy and I hope to find here all the support I may need (and to provide it as well).

You are welcome.. just ask

hello, there
I am Wahab and I'm industrial engineer & working in Durma its small city its near Riyadh city

I'm looking for new friends to hangout with, and find activities that can kill boredom besides swimming, running and having a cup of coffee. Thanks for reading and hoping to meet nice people here.

Hi. This is Priya. Housewife. Living in khobar with family. Looking for Indian community friends.

Hi... Im David... recently arrived in Jeddah... from South Africa... I urgently need to braai (bbq)... any suggestions around Jeddah. I am still in a hotel for now, most likely get own place by Jan 2018... any suggestions on good Compounds?


I've been here for the past 27 years

@ Dawief2604

Hi David,

There are many good Compounds in Jeddah. It depends on your taste and budget. There are near Shangrila Hotel, like Al Hajrayn Compound, but I would suggest if you will stay here for a long time especially nowadays you have to check if the location is not flooded and near your workplace.

Hi all,

I'm a Newbie on  this forum? Don’t know how to start.

Thanks for being part of this forum at all.

welcome to Riyadh

hi im 32 old male my experience is shoes making desigening and sale next experience is paitning arts

Hi everyone I’m from Riyadh... looking to meet new friends..

Good Evening Everyone,
New Member to this platform. I'm currently a student here in KSA. I just arrived here 4 months ago.

Hello fellow Expats,
I'm Harris, from India and am 27 years old ..... I have been living in Saudi Arabia since I was 40 days old  :cool: ...spent a few years in Abqaiq ...a few in Buraydah, around 8 years in Riyadh and now finally been in Al Khobar for the past 9 years (don't ever wanna leave this city)

i'm mostly on here to socialize ...  and to find other individuals to hang and chill with.
i like driving around the city with music on loud so i wont have to listen to my own voice while singing, a chess game over coffee and smokes is my ideal weekend activity apart from driving around pointlessly.

looking forward to getting to know you lot better.  :dumbom:

Hey how are you

How are you?

Hi! My name is Advik and I'm from India. I recently re-located in Jeddah. Would love to meet new people and other expats!

Hy theres!

I am new in Riyadh i come from Italy! I would like to meet somone, i don't know noone here and is pretty boring during off days!

Hi Priya,

I am shahbaz from india, i recently got married, me and wife are looking forward to meet new people

let me know if you are interested.

Hi sir....i want to ask and i need help what will i do ..i am filipina i work here in saudi arabia as a domestic helper  i already finish my contract 2  years and 7 months now  and my iqama is already expired i dont how many months from now cause my madam keep my iqama ..Ni have a friend in abudhabi and here madam need cook ..she want me to go in abudhabi and they will process my papers visitvisa ,ticket ..So i told my employer here that i will go in abudhabi but they said not allowed i go there because if they get here exitvisa they said i am Filipina and i will go home to my country .i need help what will i do

Welcome to everyone in Saudi Arabia

I'm Saudi from Riyadh and i can help you if you have any question just send to me a massage and i will be happy to help you

don't hesitate to ask me :) or even you just want to chat :D

Hi every one, I am tabz khan, engineer, foodie lover, a story teller and a lot more. I have been in riyadh for the past 4 years and found this place uniquely amazing. I am new to this forum, hope to meet good people and friends :)

Hi shree
Good to know is saudi arab for u?

I am dr by proff and new to Eastern province I will be shifting to Al hasa can someone guide me or sharing there living experience in Hasa ..

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