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I am Yousouf. This is my third visit in Kigali, the past 2 months. This time, I am staying for some 2 months. Just set up a subsidiary of my company here - Afri Talent Management - Rwanda. We deliver Human Capital consulting and learning and development solutions.

So far my experience here has been a very enriching one. I just love this country and it's people.
BTW. I am from Mauritius .. the main things that I miss are the beach, straight roads and night life.

I have found a nice apartment in Gisozi which I find to be conveniently located.

I am looking forward to make new friends here and and get some good advice on setting up here

BTW I am looking to rent a laptop for a few hours -- My Mac Book Pro is not compatible it seems....
Does anyone when where I can rent one for a few hours or even a day - at the real price not the Muzunga price..


Hey I am Deborah , I can lend you And we can be good friends.

HI All
well, I am an Egyptian consultant architect and construction manager. I hold a BSc in Architecture and  an MSC in construction management from Scotland UK.
I am looking to relocate in Rwanda as I believe it is the right place to settle in . If anybody can help ill be gratefull.

hi room
my name is Patrick  and i have a bachelor in statistics and am looking for new job here if any recommendation i ll appreciate that.


Hie All
My name is Allie and am new here, am from Zimbabwe am looking to relocate to Rwanda. I hold a BEng honours degree mechatronics engineering. If anyone can help i'd be grateful.


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