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Hi my name is Dan. My wife Dee and I are young retirees currently travelling the US in our Motorhome. We have been looking for somewhere to retire to, and after researching different countries we have decided on Portugal. We think that we would like to rent a flat in Lisbon at first. That would give us time to seach for the right city to call home. We would love any information on banking options or any pros and cons to know about Portugal.

Hello everyone and welcome on board.

Thank you all for your introduction. Feel free to create your own thread on the Portugal forum with each of your questions so that you may get some feedback.

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Assalamalaikum afzal bhai
Myself Mohammed Shezaan from bangalore india.
Actually iam coming to portugal in few weeks bhai can you please help me get any job.

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Good day to you all,  just joined this as my lovely wife and I will be moving in October 2019 to Portugal for "retirement".  I am a retired Navy Veteran who still works in Seattle Washington and am ready to rid ourselves of the rat race and settle down to a more relaxed life style to enjoy each other and our new found freedom(s).

Hope to interact with you all...


Hey everyone. My name is Pauline, from Cameroon,currently residing in Lisbon Portugal. I moved to Lisbon because of my desire to learn the Portuguese language. I am a freelance translator, with languages French and English, hoping to add the Portuguese language to the list. Well in a nutshell i just want to say I am new in Lisbon, I am open to new experiences, I am a young, friendly, vibrant and fun-filled girl, hoping to make the most of her stay in Lisbon. 
P.S: Hook me up for the latest translation job offers....geee...thanks.
       I also need information of the expat meetings. How and where they take place. Will love to actively take part.

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