New members of the Poland forum, introduce yourselves here - 2018

Hi all,

Newbie on the Poland forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Poland if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hello, I have gotten an interview call from Poland. I would like to understand the cost of living there and the salary structure for an IT professional with 5 years exp.

Moved to Poland Lodz from Sidcup Kent last year with family
Trying to establish my own construction company here.
Any expats living here and need help ,got questions please let me know ...

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Hi, I'm new to Krakow and looking to meet new people!

Hi everybody!
I’m a student (f, 22j) in wroclaw from switzerland and would love to make some new friends here!
I don’t really know anybody here jet so would love to meet some new people and do fun stuff!
I do speak polish, german, english and a little bit french!
If you would like to meet just hit me up :)

Hi to all - I work in Telco  sector, i am 39, and I am in Warsaw for one month already. Seen the city center, Kampinos national park, Vistula... nice, but I am bored from just walking alone here. So if there is some activity among expats in Warsaw, I am ready to join.
Cheers :)

Hi Aleks,

I`m in Wroclaw too :) I can give you some tips on whet to visit, etc. Where did you learn Polish?

hello someone in katowice?

My name is Ellen.  I will be living in Krakow this summer, on my own.  I am a very young 70 and plan to "immerse" myself in daily life there, go to all the museums and attractions around town and day / overnight trips nearby.  I rented an apartment near the Jewish Quarter.  I will be in Krakow from June 15 - Aug 10.

I have never lived on my own in a foreign country, or even away from home all summer, so this is a new experience for me. I am very excited, but also a bit anxious!  I am hoping to make contact with local English-speaking expats, who may have some advice, suggestions, guidance and possibly activities that I can join in. 

Look forward to hearing from you!

Hi all, I'm Miles, I'm moving to Warsaw with my family in September. I will be teaching English but would also be very interested in any radio work, as I have considerable experience in this area. Voiceover work and other opportunities would be of interest too. In my free time I am music obsessed, with a particular love of Welsh language music. Would love to meet some people for a beer or two, particularly Welsh language speakers, but anyone really. Look forward to hearing from you!

Hi, I am Marcel a Dutch Senior Processing technologist (yes, I am not 25 anymore...) and new in Poznan! For work I travelled the world, but always from the Netherlands. First time I live abroad.

After Labour & Consitution Day I started my new job with Unilever Foods R&D / Knorr here in Poznan. First weeks I was quite busy arranging housing and to get familiar with my new job, colleagues & the City. But now a more normal life starts, it would be nice to meet some interesting, nice & fun people to spend some time with in the lonely hours...

Yesterday (Corpus Christi) I went to a concert of Ania Dabrowska at the MTP Sala Ziemi (Earth Hall). A great gig, but it would have been more fun with friends. So, do you like concerts (pop, rock, folk or jazz) and would like to join me, please send me a message.

Not into concerts, but you like a good coffee and some conversation, let me know...

For now I can communicate in English, Dutch and a mixture of English/German (understanding German is fine, talking a bit more difficult). I'am planning to learn Polish, but being a beta, it will take me some time...

Today I was testing some cross / hybrid bikes. Planning to buy one soon and use it to commute to work and for a weekend spin. So, do you know a cycling expat group or want to start one...shout...

Hope to talk to / meet you soon!

Hi everyone!

I'm Eduardo, from Brazil.
Currently, my wife (from Poznan) and I live in Curitiba (Brazil), but we're moving to Poland in the next couple of months.

I've been to Poland many times, always visiting. It'll be the first time living there.
(Besides Brazil I've only lived in Northern Ireland).

I've joined hoping to meet people and learn more about Poland through expats' eyes. I love to cook and go out for a good meal or cup of coffee.

Hopefully I'll get to know some of you in the near future.



Hi all!
I'm polish guy living in Cambridge, UK;
I'm visiting my hometown Krakow until Friday, anyone up for coffee?

Hey everyone, my name is Lilian. I am 21 years old. I am half Filipino and half Indian, currently in India. I was born in Oman and lived there for most of my life(I still go back there every now and then).

I recently completed my Bachelors of Art in Journalism, English and Psychology (yes, triple majors!). And so I hope to go on a year long holiday to Poland before I come back to India and officially start working. :)

Hey Bubu, welcome aboard! :)

Hi, I'm new in Warsaw  and looking to meet new people!

Hi Everyone,

My name is Ceyhun. I am from Turkey and I have recently moved to Warsaw. Although I was coming here every month for the last 2 years as company HQ is here, this will be my first expat experience. I am excited & optimistic and scared & worried (changes depending time of the day)
Hope I can make some friends here :)


Hello there, I am Aphrodite from Rwanda and I about to come in Poland! So I would like to know the cost of living and the housing and job things! And I would like to meet people and make new friends there! Thank you so much.

Hi everyone, quick update.

I just arrived in Poznan last week.
Anyone up for a cup of coffee?


Hello all. It's good to meet you :)

Hi everyone! Im Diego from Spain, I'll be moving there this October for my erasmus, any tips on living there? Cultural customs or shocks?

Hi everyone,
Karmsun from US here.
Have been looking at several places in Europe to retire and did not realize Poland had such a low Cost Of Living until recently. How easy or hard will it be for me as a US citizen to retire in Poland ? Have looked at Embassy website but I am not able to draw any conclusions from there. Anyone with first hand experience that has easy to understand info ? Is a pension of $1500 sufficient to live on ?
Thank you very much

Hello, I come from Slovakia and now I live in Warsaw. I'm 25 years old. I would like to meet new people in the area. I'm interested in sport and exact sciences

Hi Miles. Welcome to Warsaw. I'm Lena. I am an ESL teacher in Warsaw. I moved to Poland last year and have been enjoying it so far.

I am new in Poland and just arrived last week, Looking for new friends to spend time and be busy. Also like to exchange languages. Anyone interested to be friends can please write me on ***

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Hi, I only recently moved to Warsaw and looking to set up a business here. A lot of questions but not easy to find help or guidance. Somewhat I sadly feel that the polish helpfulness is a mear facaad to actual behaviour. I am a bit confused and sad but still hoping to establish contacts with great people.
How is your construction business going? Cheers, Mary

Hi, I recently moved to Warsaw from Estonia and I can say that 1500 USD is well enough to have a good living here. Cheers,Mary

Hello! We were recently on a two week tour of Europe and stopped in Poland and just fell in love with the place. We have been considering moving to Europe for some time now but I believe we are more than ready to move after our visit!

Do you mean construction generally or particular branch?

Are you in Poland now?


No we are back in the United States now.  We would love to move in the next six months. Warsaw, Katowice, Oswiecim, or Krakow area is where we would like to live.



Hi All, I'm Hamza from Morocco. I've been visiting Poland for few times now and we just decided with my wife to move out from Shanghai and come live in Poland. Good to e-meet all of you.

Hello i came new to krakow im looking for some friends and for peoppe who loved here aboit the activity abd the tips to be done !!

Hi Miles, Are you still here in Warsaw?

Hey I’m Jordan,

I’ve been living in Poznan a month now, moved from my native Ireland would love to chat with any fellow expats also living here  :)

Hey, Am not from Ireland but do speak good english.  I am from Warsaw, also moved here some three months ago.


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Anybody from Wrocłąw here, let's join up! Been a month and a half here and would like to explore the city in a good company.

Hello ,
I'm from palestine,hope to find job in Poland . I have MA degree and i can teach  french or arabic. Anyone know the range of salary? any suggestion to help?

Hi, I'm not really a new and not an expat. I have alreay been on the forum once and now I'm back . I enjoyed this site for ability to chat to people of different culture, learn from them and for practising my English simultanously. I want to continue this now. Waiting for contact!

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