New members of the Panama forum, introduce yourselves here - 2018

Hi all,

Newbie on the Panama forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Panama if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hello, Appreciative to this board its members and staff, thank you..  And,  l will consider survival options in usa or to thrive in a culture here in lat am decidedly easier to take. As l witness retiree culture as an american hereabouts, l am  feathering an act three nest, going somewhere to get my ya ya's out on my way out. l hope to engage in an inspired effort to build and have learning experiences.

Hello!  I'm considering retiring to Panama in a year or so, looking at the Coronado/Gorgona area and Pedasi.  I'm traveling there in April to check it out - so excited to see the country I've read so much about!  Have done a lot of research on-line, have poured over blogs and have appreciated this forum!

Hello All, My family and I are looking into moving to Panama. My husband is a retired disabled veteran so we are looking at the pensianado visas. We have lots of questions. My kids are age 11 and 7 now. Look forward to all the information.

We are Matthew and Trisha we plan on leaving to Panama within the next 6 months hopefully. And we would love to learn to get advice and also looking to purchase International Health Insurance if anybody has good information for that, also looking at Boquete, or around there, so, thanks in advance. Love

We are considering moving or doing extended stays in Panama.  We have to have a very reliable internet connection.  Any town describe that?

Married, empty nesters looking at "the next thing". Panama, Costa Rica, Bahamas all considered.  Probably 2-3 years out from the decision/move. Would like to learn more about the Caribbean coast of Panama, most info seems to be on the Pacific side and I need warm water ( our pool stays at 88 or better). Most interested in a beachfront lifestyle, have lived within 10 miles of salt water my entire life.  The handle is apirateslifeforme, but I go by pirate).

Water on the Pacific side is also warm. Google can probably help you find out exactly how warm. The Pacific side is more developed. There are happy people in Bocas del Toro area, and you might check out Portabelo. I’ve never been there but I’ve heard it is nice.

I'm heading down there next month and plan on visiting some of the same areas.  How was your trip and what did you discover about these areas.  Do you have any advice?  Good luck in you search.


Dear all,

I am French, single and currently living in Paris. I am thinking about leaving the aggressive and unhealthy urban environment, and relocating to Panama to enjoy its life style, surrounded by great nature. I am planning visits in Panama to see how it is really like. At the moment, it seems to me that cool places like Boquete or El Valle de Antón would suit me. I am mainly worried about my professional activities there, because I am an engineer in the middle of my career (so not in the typical retirement plans) and would like to run one or two startups related to engineering activities, which seems to be incompatible with the Friendly Nations Visa. Anyway, I hope to find a way, and I might later ask advice in this forum about that.

By the way: thank you for all your inputs in the different topics on this forum. They are really helpful!

We are considering retiring to Panama to escape high cost of living in Kelowna, BC.
Many questions and would like to make contact with folks that tell us the real story and not the investment marketing chatter.
Not sure where we would like to locate so any feedback is appreciated.
Look forward to chatting.
Jerry … ca/panama/  You might find some of these blogs helpful

Hello to everybody. My name is jeronimo, I am 44 years old, born and raised in Argentina. Tired of the eternal high inflation and high taxes, I am researching Panama as an option to make a business and may be retire in the distant future.
I am married with no kids.
Looking forward to learn and get sustancial information about the friendly country Visa and possibilities to make it real. I mean, trying to make a business I can conduct between Panama and Argentina.

You need a good lawyer for the visa. is one  There is also quite a bit of information on the website.

Hi All,

My name is George and this is the first time I will be leaving the Continent of Africa for good. A little about me and my Family is that we were born and raised in Zimbabwe, we had to leave there and our home due to Political turmoil. We moved to South Africa because we love Africa, now it has come that we will have to move again and give up our home. We have thought about it and have decided to move to Panama but we have no idea how to go about it and we don't have a huge Bank balance either, so any ideas from you guys will help us out alot. I have gone onto a Panama job website and I have started looking for work, my Wife and My Daughter have completed a course with TEFL and they are looking into moving from her side, so we are looking just not getting very far at the moment.
Anyway, great to meet you guys and maybe will meet in person one day soon.

Happy to have just found this. We are a family living in the Highlands and loving it. :) We homeschool our children and enjoy daily life around here. We have been here a little more than a year. We imported a dog when we came, bought property, brought a container...we are happy to answer any questions one might have about moving here.

Kama, is that you? Hi! It’s Kris in David. Saludos 😊

My wife and I are planning a trip to Boquete in Spring of '19, to scout the area for retirement in 2-3 years. I am a golfer and golf facilities will be an important part of our decision on what location we choose.

I'm a 72-year-old retired senior now living in Jacksonville, Florida.  I am planning a 4-6 month visit to the area of Boquete in Sept '18 and need advice on so many things.

I don't have my round-trip airfare purchased yet; but, if I fly into Panama and the arrival is in or near Panama City, how do I manage the trip up to Boquete?

And, maybe most importantly, what questions should I be asking that I am too ignorant to know to ask?

Thanks, in advance


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You either need to fly or bus to David from Panama City. If you fly on Copa to David they leave from Tocumen , the international airport, so that’s easy. When you arrive in David, get a taxi or have a ride arranged to the bus station where you can catch a bus to Boquete.

If you take the bus to David, have a ride arranged from the Panama City airport to the bus station. When the bus arrives in David, you can catch the bus to Boquete (I think the last one leaves at 7pm) or stay at a nearby hotel and catch a bus the next morning.

I live in David. When you decide what you want to do let me know and I can recommend drivers or maybe help with other details. On your first trip I’d recommend flying to David. The bus is 7-8 hours, but you do get to see the country along the way.

Thanks, kristc99, I will start the process to get my airfare, as I understand that the earlier you get your ticket, the less expensive it is.  I have seen that I will also have to travel from Jacksonville, Florida either up to Atlanta or south to Orlando.  The logistics of trying to get myself to Boquete is trying; however, I am determined to find solutions to each issue that presents itself.

Because the flights seem to arrive in Panama very late, will I have to wait until daytime to get a flight on Copa to David?  And, if so, are there Hostels near the international airport?  I'm a low-income senior so expensive hotels are beyond my means.  I hiked the Appalachian Trail and got very familiar with staying in Hostels.

Your help is incredibly helpful.  I hope to find a way to show my appreciation.

Best regards,

Yes, I think it’s time to book tickets, though I’ve never booked last minute to see how much more it might cost. You could talk with my travel agent friend Andrea. Her contact info is on this page. … in-panama/

I like hostels too, but the one near the airport is too uncomfortable, IMO. See if this link works. The Riande is a nice hotel with a shuttle, breakfast, etc but much more affordable through this link. … istrictId=
Or just look for Riande Aeropuerto Hotel Casino on its maybe $20 more than the hostel and well worth it, IMO.

You need to get to Panama City, then David, then Boquete. Sounds simple, huh? LOL seriously it can be done. Happy to help. We have all been helped and pay it forward after we get settled.

I just checked the link and realized the prices are for two nights. I had a slight heart attack at first glance 😁

Hello! I just came from Panama. I am from Colombia and we might want to retire in this country. It is an eight year plan at least, so we eant to learn as much as possible. I lived before in Venezuela, so i learned first hand the important of being able to move.

The democratic security offered in Panama is incredible, making it my family's top choice.

Currently i have contacted some of the lawyers mentioned in your blog.... THANKYOU!

I might want to find the best bargain for a hotel... maybe airbnb for my next visit...


Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to say hi and thank everyone in advance for their participation in this forum. We currently reside in the US but have dreamed of moving abroad for many years. We have always enjoyed Costa Rica (been there 6 times in different location each time) so much but I'm finding its nearly impossible to get medical insurance of almost any type. Upon further looking, I noticed that Panama accepts Tricare for Life in many locations. Seeing I am retired from the military i would certainly like to take advantage of that if possible. We plan on visiting there in Oct for a few weeks to just check things out.

I look forward to anyone thoughts on retirement in Panama. We are looking at next year and see no reasons for further delays.

Thanks again,


We r Loreta & Florin,59, want to check out Panama for 1 year, close to the sea.Currently   we live in Alberta.Please advice us about budget, housing , areas, health care etc.
Thank You in advance,

What part of Panama are you looking at?

Good day. We are planning to immigrate to Panama in two years and we are looking for info other than what we're reading on the Internet.
Hope to get heaps of information here.

u got lots of info from blogs and int. living magazine, we think of the Pacific coast, starting from Coronado to Pedasi, or maybe David and Bouquet.
We will do a tour, i would love to live on the coast, but heard that is better in the cir ties like David or Bouquet .So please, if u have time  v give us some advice.
Thank You in advance,

Don’t believe too much of International Living. They are a for profit business and are unlikely to show the downsides of anything. Panama, as much as I love it here, it’s not all rainbows and unicorns.

We are very happy in David. My blog is the 4th one down, the Panama Adventure. Quite a few of these people are no longer here but if the blogs are up they still have a lot of good info. Panama City and eastern Panama  Panama City  Panama City  David  David  David  Chiriqui (Boquerón) Boquete  Boquete  Boquete  Gorgona  Pedasi  Pedasi Pedasi Panama City  Panama City, and general info for expats.  Chame and Coronado area  travels all over Panama  A peace corp volunteer in the Cormaca  Puerto Armuelles & info for expats Resource section on residency visas and living in Panama

Oh, i know about IL, they have in lots of exaggerated  things, but was good for a starting point.
Anyway will study the blogs provided and talk further if u available, thx a lot for now for the feedback.
Best Regards,

So if u dont mind me asking, what will be the monthly budget for a couple, and which location has the best weather?
Thank U in advance!

What is your idea of “best weather”? My blog has our monthly expenses. Also check the first one, Panama for real, and I think latitude adjustment has something too. You can spend $500 or $5000 depending on how and where you live. This is like asking what’s the budget for a couple in the US and where is the best weather?

maybe the question was to general, for instance , in Canada the best weather is in the British Columbia province, but is very expensive.My thought was going to the budget required to live decently on the Pacific coast, like let say US 2500 per couple  per month.
Otherwise i do not have anything against paying for the valuable info, as will save me time and hassle later.
But I will study carefully the blogs sent, and after that will get back to u.
Thanks, again,
Best Regards,

forgot to say, best weather means like light summertime, like in  Hawaii

It’s all subjective. My daughter lives near Vancouver and they have a hard time coping with the short, gray, gloomy days of winter. I’d prefer the weather of eastern Canada myself. I know someone in David renting a place for $2000/mo, and someone else in a nearby town renting for $125/mo. It all depends on your definition of decently, and where and how you live. $2500 might be pretty tight in Coronado, but more than enough in another town. I know some people who have a wine budget that could support an entire Panamanian family.

fair enough, i guess will come and see, thx

Hi folks.
I am a 50-year old female looking to relocate from South Africa.
I am interested in Panama because it has the advantage of offering the Friendly Nations visa, which makes getting residency there simpler than most places.
The one thing that does concern me is the humidity which appears to be country-wide.. From what I've read, even the cooler places in the mountains are still very humid so while it may not feel as hot, it still has effects  - mould, in particular!
I am used to lots of sunshine but not so much humidity so if someone can suggest an area to consider I'd appreciate it! 
@kristc99 - you live in David which according to Worldweatheronline has lower humidity - but from various other places I've read it is one of the hottest (if not THE hottest) places in Panama - your comments please?

The Aezuero Peninsula is considered the driest part of Panama, Pedasi, Las Tablas, Chitre area but it’s hot. Yes, a lot of people think David is too hot. I think it’s too chilly in the mountains so it’s a matter of what suits the person. We have enough humidity here that we have to take precautions so mold doesn’t grow on clothes, but I almost never need skin lotion or chapstick.

Thanks kristc99..

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