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Hi All,

I recently came to Wellington on talent Visa, sponsored by my employer. I have lived in the UK for many years and in Mauritius and other countries. Due to settling and adjusting to new work environment and projects, did not get the chance to meet people or visit places. Some tips will help me a lot.


The biggest challenge I faced was finding a house in CBD. Hope you are sorted with it.

Dickson phiri trying to move to new Zealand. My professional is heavy equipment repair technician.

Hi There
I am 25 single male and I have been working in major company for the last 8 months in the branch in India.
My boss wants me to visit NZ and research the scope of expanding our company there.
The company which I cannot name for privacy concerns here is a major company that is listed on stock exchange. It specialises in agriculture and foods. This is my first job as I have been free lancing prior and getting work experience.
I have travelled outside of India but to countries that do not require a visa.
My boss has applied for my visitor visa and I will be staying in NZ for about a month. He has supplied all my work documents, paylips, transactions, evidence, hotel bookings, travel insurance, bank statements.
All expenses and accomodation is being supported by my employer. He has applied for my visa 10 days back and I dont have an update and I am kind of worried. I cannot ask him again and again therefore I am being patient.
I am worried because I have never travelled to a country that requires a visa that this may be causing the delay or because of my age.
How long does it normally take and do you think there can be any complications in my case?
I will be honest - I do plan to visit the south island during my business visit and experience some leisure activities there such as bungee jumping and all I hope I can do that on that visa.
I am sorry for all these questions but I have no experience with visas.
Is someone able to please help me? Should I be worried?

Hi Matt, I have just joined this group and I am living in New Zealand. DId you manage to get out here?



My visa took months and it was definitely more than 10 days before I heard anything back. When are you planning on travelling?


We are a family of 5 (2 crazy parents and 3 crazy children under the age of 14). My husband has a job waiting for us in NZ, so we are currently getting ready to start organising the important things, moving our whole lives overseas again. We previously lived in Australia, so have had no issues with visa's. We are excited and very nervous but have three incredible children who accept their parents crazy ideas and are always ready for the ride. I am a UK trained and AUS, Scotland and England recognised primary school teacher. I'm in debate about whether I should keep on teaching or find a new career, but I am hoping an opportunity presents itself. Any advice on some where affordable to live with a large family and good schools would be great. We keep hearing mixed things about Porirua but feel it's affordable.

Hello All,

This is Ahmed, i'm Egyptian and been living in Switzerland then Dubai for almost 5.5 Years, i'm currently planning to Move to NZ, submitted my draft EOI but stuck in the Job Offer thing, i got 145 Points but many people advices not to Submit final till you got 160 Point.

What can helps me in finding Job, i registered on many NZ Job Seeker and it seems that they've been consulted with the same questions many times and you always get the same response "Although we are interested in your profile, but we would like to have onsite candidate"

Hi I would like to move to New Zealand am from Malawi. Am registered and got my qualification assessed. What visa is right for a social worker with Level 6 NZQA. And how do I find a job in New Zealand before I move there.

Hi Julien,

Thank you for this networking platform

I am a Quantity Surveyor expat resident in the Middle East and I have concluded plans to move to NZ. My document have been assessed. Only waiting for the right employer for a job offer. The decision was reached after series of brainstorming with a view to making sure that everyone that will be affected directly or indirectly are on the same page.

I look forward to meeting other members


Hey there Everyone,

I'm Lorienne, I'm moving to Christchurch in about 2 months time. I found work already, but am in mid-visa application process.

What is life like in Christchurch?
Are there important do's and don'ts that I need to be aware of?

Have a great day!


Hi All,

I am Reza, Iranian fox Coming from USA to Settle in Wellington. I am looking for new friends to find my way easier. Who is the person to welcome a foreigner couple.


Hi 👋 Everyone

My husband and I are new expats from San Francisco currently living in Wellington.  Our daughter has lived here for 8 years, is now a kiwi, and we first applied for permanent residency in 2015.  We’ve been here since September and just received our acceptance.  It takes time and patience, so please hang in there if you’re in the thick of it.  Looking forward to getting to know you — I’m having a difficult time adjusting and I know it will pass.

Hi everyone,

I’m 33, professional and looking for a job in Wellington to relocate permanently to New Zealand..just the best place!:) a bit the same like you, Jeandre. Lived an worked in Singapore before. I’m trying to find some events or places to connect with people in Wellington. Any recommendations on this?

Job search and visa are a bit tricky, just like everywhere I guess. I figured it might be best to be onsite. Anyone else on a job hunt in Wellington and happy to catch up to share experiences?

Can’t wait to meet new people in this lovely city.

Happy New Year!

Hi Michelle,

I was wondering if you got a working visa or if your visa is related to your daughters?

Do you have any recommendations to connect with the business community? I’m currently trying recruiters, LinkedIn and Seek.
I’ll be in Wellington from 05 January.

Happy New Year!

Thanks Julien. I'm a diploma holder(agriculture) and am planning to move to new zeeland to find a suitable job and further studies at the same time.

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