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Hello, my name is Barbara Lewis. I'm a singer and vocal coach. I currently live in Canada, but will spend chunks time in Mexico in 2019. I am looking for information about doing a concert or two in SMA (and/or Cancun) for expats who speak English. I wonder if anyone can tell me who to contact in the arts community about booking a concert(s)?
Thank you!

Jeeper24 :

My husband and I are movimg from Alberta, Canada to Playa del Carmen.  Keith and Patricia Carter.
Email is carter.****
We would like information on long term condo rentals.

Hi Jeeper, Welcome aboard

I would suggest you look at the housing tab at the top of the page for information on housing. This is a forum that provides information but does not find housing for you. Instead, there are resource tabs.
  It is also better that you not provide personal information like emails. We have found that it can be a problem.

We will be glad to talk about Mexico and answer questions about life here.

Buena Suerte

Hi all,

I've just gotten approved for Permanent Residency in Mexico. I'm currently living about an hour south of Cuernavaca in the state of Morelos. Been here since September. I've also lived in the Lake Chapala area for 8 months (July 2017 to March 2018).
I plan to remain in my current location for at least four more months, but want to learn more about various cities in Mexico as possible places to relocate and plan to visit Queretaro, San Miguel de Allende, and Guanajuato between Dec. 2 and 12.
I'm 69, single, and have lived in 6 other countries outside the U.S. since 2006 -- Spain, Turkey, Brazil, Canada, Ecuador, and Morocco.
Looking forward to connecting with you through this forum.

Originally from Dublin, Ireland but living in the U.S.  Hoping to relocate either to Lake Chapala area or San Miguel de Allende in 2019.  Lots of choices and considerations to make! 

Love new languages, culture, art and architecture, music, food, colors and tastes.

Hola everyone I am from Canada (Saskatchewan) living in Merida area. If anyone would like some info on this incredible area please feel free to pm me.

I have also lived in Riviera Maya and much prefer the laid back vibe of Merida area, less tourists as well the much lower cost of living

Kpoghomou Charles Andre ,

I think you are on the wrong forum or have the wrong idea. The people on this forum mostly speak only English with possible some Spanish. Few would speak French. I'm going to suggest that your post is moved to a french speaking forum.

pense que vous êtes sur le mauvais forum ou avez la mauvaise idée. Les personnes sur ce forum ne parlent généralement que l'anglais avec éventuellement un peu d'espagnol. Peu parlaient français. Je vais suggérer que votre message est déplacé vers un forum francophone.

I am interested to learn about the beach condos you are building near Merida.
I spent a few weeks in Merida last year but decided I wanted to be near the water, so very interested to learn more. Gk

Hello dear members, I am Meg. I live in San Diego and want to retire in Northern Baja within the next few years. I love the lifestyle and have had really good experiences with the Healthcare System. I travel quite frequently down to Ensenada and have for many years. I'm actively looking for a home for me and my pups. Also would be interested in a house share situation.

I'm Treena. a 48 yr old self employed from Ottawa. I feel like a total newb... but to put it in a nutshell I had a huge midlife awakening and realized that not only am I unhappy in Canada and have been for years.. I also will not be able to afford to retire here.
I was in despair  and then it hit me "why am I thinking so small ?" So I started researching and I have fallen in love with the idea of buying a small property possibly in Merida or surrounding. I hope to be able to do so in the next 5 - 7 yrs. In the meantime I am trying to learn as much as I can and am planning my first trip to Merida for next winter.
Yes, I believe in my dreams but I am also practical, resourceful and not a fool. I have just started learning Spanish and am researching everything at this point, from obtaining visa's to property costs and everything in between. I do not want to live in a condo or retirement villa . My dream is to have my own little home preferably not too far from a beach. But I know the cost goes up with proximity to beachfront.  I would be willing to buy a moderate fixer upper. I would like a property with a separate guest suite or potential to build one that could be used as an Airbnb for ongoing income as my estimated savings will need supplementation in order to last.

I had a similar epiphany last year and realized I could work until I die because I can’t afford to retire in the USA. So I started doing the same things you mentioned. I have spent a year so far, learning Spanish, researching etc. I made my trip to San Miguel in October and I have set a date to return for good on December 31, 2020. Best of luck in your search and I hope you find the place that suits you the best. I plan to rent and be as nomadic as necessary in case SMA turns out to not be ideal for me. Here’s to a new adventure!

Best wishes LaloSMA

may I ask how you will do that long term ? I am considering all the options but my fear would be that I would be refused entry after using a 6 month visitors visa multiple times to border hop. I hear they are getting strict with that. Do you just plan to stay indefinitely ? What happens to people who stay for years and then try to leave ? Do the consequences get more sever the longer you have overstayed ? Is it even ok to ask these questions here ? And of course at some point you would need to make some extra income which you cannot do without a proper visa …. unless you have enough savings to last the rest of your life ! lol. You also would not be able to get a bank account or  health insurance.. when you get older you start to think about these things.
So I am just really curious , without meaning to pry... as to how you plan to do this long term ?

We're contemplating moving to SMA this coming year.  Treenahope mentioned that there are problems obtaining a Mexican bank account?  I've lived in other Central American countries before and most certainly had a bank account.  Does anybody know the legal part of this?  Marty

I think she meant you'd have trouble if you only had a temporary visa and planned to stay on illegally after it expired.  But I imagine  most of us will come on a permanent visa or be snowbirds keeping a base in the US or Canada.

Treena you are correct that you don’t want to overstay on a visitors visa. I will be entering on a Residente Temporal visa which allows a stay of up to four years. If you stay four years the visa turns to a Permanent resident visa with no additional application process.  This does not rescind your original citizenship (in my case the USA). I can move between the two countries freely.   As far as banking it seems best to maintain your accounts in your home country and draw funds via ATM as necessary in Mexico. With the proper visa there are two social health programs in Mexico. There is also private insurance and the cost of routine care is low so most expats pay out of pocket. I will maintain a high deductible private insurance policy so I won’t be bankrupted by a catastrophic event. I will take whichever Mexican social program will accept me and I will pay routine care in cash. Most people have recommended that above and beyond your daily living expenses you must have a medical emergency fund of some kind. Mexican hospitals require payment in CASH before you are discharged unless you have a direct pay insurer. I will be living off USA social security and savings. A modest lifestyle is inexpensive by US and Canadian standards. I hope this info helps. Remember that everybody’s situation is unique. These ideas may work for me but not necessarily you or others, you must do your due diligence

About drawing money out of your ATM:  we had problems with Citibank last year.  They blocked our account because Mexico is a "sanctioned" country.  Really.  Mexico.  Said they "thought" my debit card had been stolen.  This time I'll call them ahead of time and let them know.  I'll also find out from the US consulate how to avoid this problem, if there is a way to avoid it.
But I've had huuuuuge problems with a US bank (Fidelity Investments) about visiting Cuba.  I'd still like to know how they found out. We visited Cuba in November 2017 and they blocked the account in August 2018 ???  When we recently visited Cuba again, they did it again.  Cuba has no ATM accessible to US citizens, no banking for US citizens -- so what's it to them?  This time they blocked our accounts before we even left Miami.  Again, "sanctioned" country.

Cuba has always been on the banking hit list since the mid 50’s. The reason you had ATM problem in Mexico is that you didn’t advise your card issuer that you are frequently in Mexico and routinely use ATMs. It’s a fraud prevention situation rather than a political one. I have spoken to many expats who have lived in Mexico for a decade or more and this is how they access their money. Have their pension and/or social security deposited to their US or Canadian bank. Manage the account online. Some also maintain an address in their home country to hedge the complications that inevitably happen when your money and other financial matters are in a different country than the one in which you choose to live.

Thanks for the input.  I'd still like to know how the bank found out -- almost a year after our Cuba visit -- that we had been there when we had not touched that account anywhere south of Miami.

Big brother is EVERYWHERE!!

Much more so now than he was say 3 years ago.

Thank you for the great information. That is really helpful. It can be a little difficult finding "specific" info about how to handle to logistics. Thank you for the response .. my question really was a genuine inquiry because it is rather overwhelming trying to figure out how to handle the "red tape" in my situation.
Re: " A temporary resident visa "automatically"  turns to a permanent one after 4 yrs with no re application ??"  I thought he still had to re apply but having had a temporary resident visa just made it "easier" to obtain permanent. Maybe I misunderstood that part , or is the application process different for Canadians ?

My understanding is that a Residente Temporal automatically changes to Permanent after 4 years and you only have to demonstrate financial ability the first time. It’s certainly conceivable that it’s different for Canadiens because the visa process begins in your home country and then gets finished once in Mexico. Check with the nearest consulate to your residence

I think I should clarify. I meant that the application to turn Temporal to permanent will not require financial disclosure but it will automatically be accepted once applied for. I reread what I typed and realized that I didn’t explain it well. Apologies to all.

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