New members of the Mauritius forum, introduce yourselves here - 2018

Hi all, ki maniere,
Just a quick message to say hello! We're a Franco-Dutch couple currently living in the Netherlands. We're in the process of relocating to Mauritius (as Self Employed for me, the wife will take some well-deserved holiday time). Targeting a move for Spring 2019.
Maybe we'll see some of you around some day!

Hope to see you as well when you eventually move over

Hi everyone,

I'm planning on working in Mauritius in the Architecture industry. Still in the process of looking for and applying for jobs. I would appreciate it if anyone in the AEC industry could contact me to just have a general chat about the industry. Thank you!

Hi All. I am Jean. Mauritian back in after 16 years mainly in Africa and a little bit of Europe, still rediscovering the country. Lot's have happened since then! Currently staying in Mahebourg, around 10 minutes drive from SSR airport, and still prefer the South, hope to see great things happening here over the next 10 years..Great to meet you all! Jean

Welcome back - I am similar, far from my country of origin for decades and appreciating the contrast - Happy New Year

Hey there, I'm Robyn as Capetonian planning on moving to MU this year in April.
I'm job hunting like mad as I'd like to move to the area closest to my job so any advice will be welcome!
I look forward to making new friends.

Type of job u r looking for?

I am honestly either job hunting for a better job and find a foreign manager in Mauritius or looking how I could leave this country.

Engineering career growth is almost non existant and most(not all course) Mauritian managers are quite hard to work with unless you are a foreigner. Hard truth, so kindly this means no offence.

Thats a bit worrying if an Engineer is at a dead end. I hope that you find something soon.

Hi everyone! My name is Jenny, my husband, daughter and I will be moving to Mauritius in May 2019 as my husband is going to be working there.

Hello Jenny!

Great place to move, have you been before?

Where are you all moving from?

what tipe of work is your husband going to do in maurituis
we are also relocting to maurituis just waiting for all our documentation that we have to have

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