New members of the Malaysia forum, introduce yourselves here - 2018

Hi all,

Newbie on the Malaysia forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Malaysia if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

HI guys,
I'm Vicky. I'm staying in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia since December 2017. I'm working and enjoying the expat life here. My place is near KLCC Twin Tower. Looking forward to meeting new friends.
Cheers ^_^

Hello Everyone,
Myself Ashwani, coming over to KL in February 2018. Hoping to make some friends over there.


Hello. I am Miss Aslam. will be in Malaysia on work visa on 31st Jan 2017. would be residing in Cyberjaya.

looking forward to meet new people on this platform and fingers crossed to make new friends in Malaysia.


I will be arriving in Penang 13th march 2018 for a look around for 2 weeks and see what happens and what i see to please me

I am asoka perera from srilanka. living in piliyandala colombo district. I am a research technologist working in a research laboratory as a food analyst.I hope to visit malaysia in future with my family. I hope to get more impormation in malaysia. I love playing cricket and voleeyball. I like to become friends of you.

hi every one,

Am suriya, I am residing here in Malaysia since april 2016. Am from India .Was a HR professional . Now a Expat wife and mother of two.hope this forum would help me to know more about expat life here .

Hello gurumoorthi from Madurai.. Tamilnad..India
My wife is Malaysian and we live in sungai petani..abt 50 km from Penang...

ThIs is our 6th trip to Penang and thinking of moving here later on. But have more travel to do first including the USA.
Just love it here & keep telling our friends how great it is.

Hi! I’m Ally. I am from Australia, but have been living in Denmark since 2006. We are moving to KL in March for my husband’s work. I am a stay at home Mum with 3 kids.

Surin is my name.. Pleased to  meet you all.

Welcome to Malaysia.

Selamat Datang!

Hi All
This is Lakshmikanth moved to KL from Hyderabad , India  recently with family living near Saujana , Looking for some friends to socialize with family .


Hi All,

My name is Beni Utomo came from Jakarta Indonesia. I am working here as Structure Designer since 2017. I am happy meet this forum for expat...

Thank you... Success for you

Hello All,

This is Vikrant Khanapurkar, moving to KL on 24th Feb. Looking to make some friends.


Hi Guys,
I am moving to Kuala Lumpur in Apr2018, looking ahead to meet and seek help/advise from existing members on accommodation, school and car lease.

lets come together for party

Hi all,

My name is Harsh. Moving to Kuala Lumpur in March/April 2018. looking ahead to meet and seek help/advise from existing members on accommodation and schools

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Hi folks!

So I stumbled on this forum searching for a good long term car lease deal here in KL. I moved here just about a little more than half a year ago with my family. We decided to live in the city so we don't have to worry much about logistics and all that. Having spent some time in the city now, and the need for finding a good (and easy on the pocket) school for our 2 boys, we are looking for options maybe a little outside the city.

Looking forward to learning more about KL.

All the best,

Hello Everyone

My name is Nitin and we are moving to KL with family in March beginning. Planning to live somewhere close to G-tower.


Jon here,

Just moved to KL for work.

Looking for advise on best places to stay, eat and visit

Hi guys,
Myself Irshad, staying at brick fields. I have been working as a software engineer in Kuala Lumpur since September 2017. I would like to make some new friends here.


Hi friends,
How are you everybody? I'm Billal Hossain.. I'm working in Genting Highland Malaysia..

Hi my name is Jerry. I'm in Kuching, Sarawak on the Sarawak version of the Malaysia My Second Home Program. I'm a retired Professor of Palaeoanthropology and have been visiting Sarawak for 20 odd years now. I'm into caving, culture, athletics, nature, and history so what better place than Sarawak ;-)

If anyone needs advice on the Sarawak MM2H perhaps I can help.

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Hey people!
My name is Denys, I am Ukranian.
I love IT, robotics, politics and photography. And a lot of various stuff.
Been to Malaysia 3 times already.

With the strong blow of wind, woke up teaching in China one day.
But I'M LOOKING for a way to get to KL for a long-term.

Looking forward to IT jobs mainly, but actually, I'm willing to do any job I'm capable of.
Excuse me for making this post looking more like an ad, but it worth trying.

IF you have any suggestion or willing to help me a bit - IT'S SO MUCH APPRECIATED.


Hi, I'm Andreas,

living in Penang, like to get to know new People, Friends.
Living for 7 years abroad, since a while in Penang.

Looking for sozial groups, activities, gathering...

Reagards Andreas

HI Gurumoorthi, This is muthu from Sivakasi.

I am selected for one of the Malaysian bank for IT support work form one of the indian MNC .

i just want to know whether is it possible to attend interview for another employer while i am  working for that bank in Malaysia ?

If yes , 1) after how many months i can attend ?
            2) which type of work permit how should hold ? Is it employee pass ?

Please share your thoughts.

Hi there, I am Alex living in Petaling Jaya. Hanging out here to make new friends from all over the world.

I speak a little Japanese and would like to improve on it if there is an opportunity.

Hi Everyone,

I am Rohe from Bangalore India, looking forward to move into Malaysia for better job opportunities.

Hi Guys,

Matthew here, ex-UK resident working in Kl for a local tech start-up in the Retail and Fashion Verticals.

Big fan of sports and am therefore looking for a spare set of Golf Clubs or 2nd hand pair someone is looking to sell. Anyone knows anything would be lovely!


is microsoft security essential is enough to protect laptop with window 7, thanks

Hi guys,

My name is Hisham Kuntawala and I am an Indian. Well, I have been studying BBA in finance here since 2013. Recently got done with it but left with clearance and convocation. Currently, I am looking for jobs but unfortunately, its been a little hard since most of places look for locals. If you guys know of any vacancies or such plz let me know. Really in need of it guys.

Have a great day guys. Fingers crossed with every job application.. haha.  :D

My name is Yaroslav. Originally I am from Russia, but I have been staying in Malaysia for the last 4 years. During my presence here, I graduated from Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation, and got certified degree by Staffordshire University. Currently I am working here as Information Security Consultant at Hitachi, but I would like to change my job focus on Business and Management. During my study I was Director of Event Management at IEEE APU Student Branch, where I represented myself with a good management and analytical skills. In addition, during the Project Management module, my Assignment became the best among other courses.

Currently, I am looking for the position that meets my interests in business & management consulting. And I would be glad to apply for interesting and well-paid offers.

Cheers :)

Hello, this is Klara, I am planning to retire in KK with my husband. We are here for a month now. I would love to learn the traditional bead weaving. Is there anyone who is interested in craft/art?
We also like to play bocce , looking for partners.
KK is a wonderful city, hope to move soon.

Hi all,
I am sandeep from india. Working in penang as a artist since last one year. I feel happy to know about this community from some near friend. Hoping to have some nice and cool conversation in the near future. Have a nice day. Cheers all


I am Carol, from Philippines. I have been here in Malaysia for 8 years now and counting.  So far, I find KL a lovely place, people are nice, and working opportunities are vast which I am considering to explore them.

Hope for the best to all of us here.


Hello Guys,

My name is Abhishek and I am from New Delhi, India. It's been 2 months since I moved to Kuala Lumpur and I find this city quite interesting, specially area around Petronas tower. At present I am working for a US based MNC here in KL and would like to hear more from you.

Best Regrads

Hi all, I am Mika from Philippines. I moved to KL for work. Looking for advise on best places to stay, eat and visit :)

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