New members of the Jordan forum, introduce yourselves here - 2018

Hi all,

Newbie on the Jordan forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Jordan if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hi Julian This is Prof53.I just discovered this site today. I am not sure if at all I will move to Jordan as it all depends on whether I get a good job opportunity there. But this forum looks very good.
I guess that's all for now.

Hi !

My is Alan, 25 years-old humanitarian. New in Jordan, soon probably heading to Yemen, but eager to enjoy my time here first!

All the best,


I am Bastian from Germany have lived in Jordan from 2008-2009 and again here with my family since October 2016. ***
Nice to meet you

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I'm Davel, just moved to Amman for work this week,  look forward to connecting with people interested in yoga/mediation and nature bound activities!

Hello Julien and everyone,

I am Joyce, newly settled in Jordan and I am here to connect with other foreigners living in Jordan and get to know more about the Country.

Hello everyone,
I've been in Aaman for about 2 weeks now, learning my new job, and enjoying the country.   I've been really happy with my experience here.  The people are very kind, and I hope to develop a sense of community here.   Who knows?    Driving here is a crazy experience.    Anyone with tips of suggestions for a new comer, please send me a note.    I'm near circle 6.    Thanks for welcoming me.

Hey Y'all
Recently moved back to Jordan after many years abroad and looking to meet new people
Decided to return to Jordan the long way so I rode my motorbike across 24 countries in 7 months, so I am definitely into motorcycles as well as mingling with people from various cultures
Fluent in both English and Arabic spent years growing up here and have family so I could definitly lend a hand
I am between Amman and Aqaba at the moment
And seems would spending more time in Aqaba during Ramadan
Hooked on kitesurfing and scuba just as much as mbiking around the country however u can count me in on pretty much anything outdoors

You are welcome all in Jordan!

Hello all!

I'm Jicel and we just recently arrived here in Jordan with my employer. We will be staying here for just 2 months for a vacation. I'm working as a househelper here but I had finished a degree so I can communicate in English well. Just hope to find some friends here and maybe know more about the culture too. I like the place here and it felt like I'm just home back in the Philippines. The weather is just so good compared to the KSA.

Good day everyone. :-)

You are welcome Jicel!
Its my pleasure to be friends.


Shukran :-)

I am hala, married to a jordanian who recently moved back to Amman Jordan from California and am looking to meet new friends! and while yes I did live here before during highschool, all my friends moved to other countries

Pretty sure there are other women like me in the same situation!
It would be great to meet new people and make some friends so message me or respond to the forum! 😊

Hi Hala,

Try to Join Expats Sister in Jordan on FB page,we are trying to find a good time to meet up :)

Thank you I will check it out

Hello all. I've just arrived in Amman on Sunday, for 2 years, a 52 year old South African lady living in Um Uthaina & looking for  a walking / running partner and looking for a Christian church. Pls get in touch if u can help. Thank you.


Let's be friends I'm from America but I'm fluent in arabic

Hi all....!
I am Amjad.....recently moved here .....

Hello everyone,

I am Zel from Australia, I have been in Amman for four weeks and have recently married a Jordanian man.

I will be returning to Australia soon but looking at returning here in the coming months. If anyone has any recent experience with shipping and customs I would love to here from you.

Welcome on board  :cheers:

Shipping by air or sea fright?

I was probably thinking sea as likely to be some furniture as well as personal belongings

I'm alexa, I've been in jordan almost 6 months and have been a member on this site for a bit without posting much.

Hi Alexa...!
I have recently moved to work here or study ?

Both actually : )

Hi all, currently an expat in Abu Dhabi, my hubby just accepted a job in Amman, I will be staying behind for a few months then joining him.  Hoping to learn about Amman and Jordan in general from those who live there, and maybe meeting some of you!  It's rather daunting to be starting all over.. again!  Have been in Abu Dhabi and love it, but it's time for a new adventure!  Have a 17-year old who is going to boarding school in the UK, so I am empty nesting it for the first time in a long time - with the exception of my dog and cat.  Sure hope Amman is friendly to pets!


Me too...........why do i feel that I am the most active part of this forum with like 6/7 posts

Hi Gambader ....!

I my self have recently moved to Jordan with my family  like a month ago .......for a year
I have found Jordan very comfortable and its people , welcoming....
I am sure you will have a memorable stay here.


@Amjadamir haha sorry I am bad at checking the forums. It's nice to have someone to reply to!

naah.....its not you..... it's just how active this forum is ...... lolz
Yeah ......its always nice to have someone to talk to......after all it always takes two to make a team  :top:
so what are you studying here ...?

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Hi Everyone,

I am currently living in Jerusalem (I am a Jerusalemite), but leaving to Jordan by max the 25th of this month as I start work on the 27th. I am looking for a studio apartment, and honestly it's a bit confusing not knowing the neighborhoods and all. But it's easy once you get the hang of where all the circles are.

If anyone knows anything about studio apartments that are reasonably priced. please drop me an email***

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A belated thanks for the welcome! I am not there yet but hubby will be there in a week!  So much to think about - short-term place to look around, longer term unfurnished place to live (that accept pets!) moving our stuff, sim, bank,  etc etc -- not to mention the new job!  I'm trying to help him but it's hard from afar!  One step at a time...


Like most Americans, I do not know what to think of the Middle East. Which is why I am visiting.

I will be in Amman for two weeks and hope to meet as many people as possible--male, female, Jordanian, or other visitors.

Conversation is an art form and I'm a good listener. I am an author, so I have a curious mind. Hope to meet you.


Hallo All,

I live in Jordan and would love to help anyone with information about Jordan,***

Have a lovely day :)

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Am Abbey Phil newly in Amman, am trying to understand the country because is not lively like Dubai and Doha.
Jordan law on foreigners banned from working is a serious issue.
Meanwhile i need a good friend from the group for chating

hi everyone
im mohammad from kuwait been livinng in jordan for 4 years now studying and working
anyone needs any help contact me and i will be glad to help anyone if u have any question hit me up ......

Hi all, i recently moved to Amman from Toronto. it has been one month here. i am from Beirut but have been in Toronto for 15 years. a bit of an adjustment but i like the city and the people.
I look forward to meeting some of you in person.

Hi, I'm an American married to a man from Amman. (We are both Muslim.) I'd love to hear from other American women or European who are or have been married to Jordanian men. We're very much in love but am still learning about each other. I could use some advice about handling cross-cultural differences! These include showing affection, being over/under protective and how to show respect to each other. Any advice?

Welcome on board Umm Nicholas  :cheers:

Your question are many times asked by others and replied. My advice to you is to browse through the several topics on the main page of this forum or use the search tool if you need a specific subject.
If you can't find what you're looking for you can open a new topic.


My name is KK and I am from India. I am new to Jordan. (Working of course ). I am very excited to be in Jordan, Great food, awesome climate and good people.

Looking forward to make some good friends :).


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